- Ain’t this quaint. Upon exiting Under City’s first room you’ll be approached by a dude. He will give you a Shed Key and some Toilet Wine. Thanks? 

- The Bar you’re now in has two items of interest. The first is a fridge, against the left wall, that will sell you basic healing items. The second is a crack in the wall, tucked into the northeast corner; inside you’ll find a bunch of hapless. half-formed dudes wandering around. A Secret Note on the floor explains. You can fight Alcoholism itself by speaking to the dude in the southeast corner of the Bar; it's not too tough an enemy.

- You’ll run into a pair of Loan Sharks upon leaving the Bar, and they’ll take the Shed Key you just got. Dang. You can now explore Under City - and you should be careful, as there are enemies ‘round these parts:
  • Suits. Coming in four different varieties, the Suits all look different but fight more or less the same: they attack normally, use Pen 15 to hit your whole party, and try to give themselves raises. The last move does nothing. All are fairly dangerous, so Staple Down is recommended.
  • Harvester. This dude shows up if you wander to the north of the Bar, and will zip towards you at an unavoidable speed. He looks tough enough, but Harvester is a pushover if paralyzed. 
  • Sharks. Speak to the Loan Sharks on the streets and you’ll fight one among a variety of different Shark enemies, each with a unique ability. They’re fairly dangerous enemies, as they hit hard, have an effect on attack strength (raise their own or lower yours), and can drain health. Staple Down!
The Dinosaur of Under City in Suits: A Business RPG.
Considering what you did, he has a right to be angry.
- Time to explore. You’ll find the following in this first section of Under City:
  • There’s a Loan Shark accosting a dude to the south of the bar. He does not have the Key you want, but he does have a Lockpick. The dude he was bothering is the local vendor, with an assortment of new items to buy. Beside the house where they’re located is a sack containing five Sandwiches.
  • Southwest of the Bar is a house with a dude standing out front. He’ll ask you to do something terrible inside the house. Enter and you’ll… uh… yeah. This gets you into a fight with a Dinosaur - interesting music, that - and when you kill the thing, which ain’t hard, you’ll get an achievement. Proud moment for you and yours.
  • There’s a narrow pathway further southwest from this last house. It leads to a small journal entry of note.
  • To the southeast of the Bar you’ll find a building that you can open with the Lockpick. This is Loan Shark HQ, and the owner, Great White, will attack if you speak to him. Great White is more or less identical to the other Sharks, but he hits a hell of a lot harder, and can take more abuse. Staple Down is key to mitigating damage, and Taunt will help you kill him more quickly. You’ll get the Shed Key back from Great White.
  • Northwest of the Bar is a building you can’t enter. Beside it is a create containing $420.
  • A malformed dude in the northeast will give you Bottled Water, for… no real reason. Just north of him and on the left side of a building is a crack in the wall; inside you’ll find a mean joke, along with $4,000 and five Tasty Sandwiches.
- All that explored, check out the Storage Shed north of Loan Shark HQ. Check the sack beside the bed for a Reva-Viva and Steroids, then check the one-way door in the north. If you go through you’ll wind up in a meeting room, and a mysterious Leader will task you with taking out one final Loan Shark, back on the streets. 

- You’ll find your opponent, Hammerhead Shark, wandering to the south of where you come out. He’s similar to the other Sharks, but has a Time Out attack that allows him to go twice in one turn, so be careful. Otherwise, not hard. You’ll get a Hammerhead Head for besting the fiend. That done, check the path that leads to Loan Shark HQ. Someone rather threatening is waiting for you.

CEO Loanrenzo of Suits: A Business RPG.
He's grouchy. And shoots you.
CEO Loanrenzo

I gave him a boss position, but honestly, Loanrenzo’s weaker than the Sharks under his command. All he ever does is ‘pop a cap’ which does about 100 damage to one character. Meh. He’s highly susceptible to Staple Down, so use it to paralyze him, then thwomp him with normal attacks supplemented by Taunt.

- Return to Leader via the Storage Shed and speak to him from the bottom of the table, like before. Leader will ask if you want to join the Collectivisits in fighting the corporations - and unlike so many decisions in this game so far, what you say makes a difference here. Say yes and all is well; say no, and…

The Leader in Suits: A Business RPG.
If you're seeing this screen, you're going to die. Well done!
The Leader

Yeah, no, you’re dead. You’re so dead. Just say ‘Yes’.

- After receiving the Mysterious Package again you’ll be told to head to the Post Office, just north of Under City, to participate in the strike to come. It’s down a path that was previously blocked.