- Enemies continue to appear ‘round the Post Office, so be ready to fight. They're the same as what you faced in Under City. You can find a vendor just outside the entrance who will keep you supplied with goodies; his stuff is identical to what you can find back in Under City.

- Enter the Lobby of the Post Office and speak to the dude at the desk. He’ll ask you to deliver Bill-E’s Package to Bill-E, owner of a bike store west of the Post Office. Talk to Bill-E, and…

Bill-E The HUGE!!!. Big on business.
Bill-E The HUGE!!!

Oooookay then. Bill-E can be a troublesome opponent, as he’s capable of lowering the attack of your characters - and he can do it without limit. If your attack stat gets low enough your hits won’t do any damage. Staple Down doesn’t seem to work very well (at all?), so you need to use Taunt to lower his defence and just take him down as quickly as possible. Bombs are a decent choice if your attack gets too, as are drugs. You’ll get a bunch of Sandwiches and an achievement for besting BIll-E.

- Back to the Post Office. East of the front desk is a door to the Back Room. Here you’ll start running into new enemies:
  • Dock Chimpanzees. These apes have terrible defences and take lots of damage from normal hits, but they can increase their attack and do a lot of damage if given a chance. Thwomp them quickly with Techs.
  • Dock Gorillas. They’re basically stronger versions of the Chimpanzees which can take and do more damage. Your strategy won't change much, but you should watch your health. Drop below 200 or so and you're in danger of being thwomped, depending on your armour.
- Head north, winding through the Back Room. There are crates in the northeast that contain $200, and another crate down south has another $200. The crates in the next room to the west of this second $200 allotment have a cumulative $600, as well as a… Cat. In the northwest, near the end of the path, you can find a Tasty Sandwich, three Bottled Waters, and a Coffee in the last bundle of crates. If you check one of the big crates near the final door - the crates that are normally useless - you’ll find $2,000. Yay for being thorough!

- The rear door leads to a dock. Check the crates on your left for a Sack of ‘Oregano’, then head north. A Pilot waits for you.

The Pilot in Suits: A Business RPG.
He's so friendly.

This… isn’t really a boss fight. The Pilot won’t hurt you, regardless of what you do, and will instead ‘pass one off’ to you. This restores some of your health. If for some reason you’re dangerously low on health you can sit here for a while, defending, and get your HP back.

A ‘cut scene’ follows after this, and when it’s done you’ll wind up at your next destination, the Factories.