- You crash land just south of the Factories where the majority of this section of Suits take place. Head north to find the entrance - but before entering, check along the wall to the east of the doors. Beside a ‘Bread!’ poster is a crack in the wall. The dude inside… yeah. Okay.

- Check the vending machine beside the entrance for goodies, if you need healing, then wander inside. The first dude you see is a vendor who will sell the same stuff as in Under City - though he also has a new Gold Stapler for Jerome.

- The next room takes you on a tour of some truly horrendous conditions. The tour will take you to the northwest, at which point you can walk around. There’s a journal entry in the east for you to read, if you wish. You’ll also start running into enemies as you wander about: 
  • Meatmen. Yep, just Meatmen. Similar to the Suits of Under City, the Meatmen come in several varieties with the same general abilities. They bite. Hard. Their defences aren’t great, so a few physical hits should do ‘em in. Try to kill them before they lower your defence and lay the smackdown. 
- Through the door you’ll start running into, well, more Meatmen. Other than another vending machine, there’s not much here.

- Next up is the Meat Room. It’s brimming with useless NPCs, and I mean that literally, as (as far as I could tell) none of them have any value to you. Pick your way north and up the stairs. Something bad comes at you.

The Pile of Bodies in Suits: A Business RPG.
I really don't know what to add beyond this.
Pile of Bodies

This game… Pile of Bodies is more versatile than it looks. Aside from a normal, body-flinging attack, the Pile has two moves: it can poison you, chewing away at one character’s health for a few turns, and it can corrupt you, which drops one character’s stats like a rock down a well. The afflicted character is not useless, per se, but they take a lot more damage and do very little in return for a few rounds. Staple Down is quite important for putting the kibosh on these attacks, and Taunt / Case Toss will help expedite the battle. 

- Besting the Pile of Bodies will open the door behind it. Inside you’ll find another enemy waiting if you use the ’T’ button on the console to open the rear doors of the Factories.


Controller is not very strong, and compared to the Pile of Bodies is kind of a wimp. That said, Controller can mute one of your characters - and, consequently, put Jerome’s Staple Down out of commission. This might be worse if Controller was strong, but, it’s not. Smash it to death with normal attacks.

- Once Controller’s gone you can leave… but you also have the option to hit the ‘Kill’ button, which will earn you an achievement. It does… pretty much what you might expect, actually. (Though you can still encounter enemies in previous areas.)  

- Go through either of the doors in the Meat Room to find Shipment. The four small crates in the lower half of this area contain $200 apiece. You can use these on the vendor near the phone, if you wish. To the north you’ll find a Trucker blocking the path, and another to the northeast; these guys can hit pretty hard if given a chance to increase their attack, but they don’t have a ton of health, so… meh. Kill them before they increase their defences for an easy enough win. 

- Taking down both Truckers will automatically kick you out of the Factories. When the game flashes back to your control you’ll be in the Food District.

Part Eight: Food District