- You’ll start out in the middle of a large, crate-filled space, beside a phone. The obligatory vendor is found to the southeast, and he has new equipment for The Guy. Vendors also start selling Spectacular Sandwiches, which are expensive but pretty danged good. While wandering around here you’ll start running into random enemies, all the same dude:
  • Donut Men. Pretty standard enemy. These guys can glaze you to lower agility, but for the most part they just attack. Notable mainly in that they can drop Bullet-Proof Ties, which saves you some cash.
- This room branches out in three different directions:
  • To the east is Security. Check the small crate for $1,000, then hit the Security On / Off button on the main computer console.
  • To the west is a Meat Locker. There’s a fugged-up dude named Meat Kid in here who wants linguini. ‘Kay. There’s a small crate in the north that will bring out Fry Fierrie if checked; aside from a strong normal attack and some healing capabilities, he’s nothing special. Paralyze him.
  • To the south is a Kitchen, and you can only come through here if you shut off the security. 
- Have a look ‘round the Kitchen. One of the cupboards in the north contains a Reva-Viva, and if you check the pot on the stoves you can make Linguini - though this will bring the wrath of King Ramsey down on you. Easy fight, and you'll get achievements for beating the King as well as returning the Linguini to Meat Kid - who, as a reward, will join your party! Yay, new friend!

- The path branches in two directions from here. We’ll head east to start. Here you’ll be accosted by some professory dude who begs you to deal with his colleagues in the north. 

The Food Force of Suits: A Business RPG.
They aren't food for you at all.
Food Force / Super Salad

Another trio! Their only troublesome quality is the ability to poison you, and it’s easy to heal that away. Beyond that you’ll only be facing basic attacks that aren’t terribly strong. Do enough damage and Food Force will turn into Super Salad, which hits harder but doesn’t poison you anymore. Neither are difficult. You’ll three Spectacular Sandwiches for besting ‘em, as well as an achievement.

- South of the Kitchen is the Cafeteria. A little boy on your left will demand soup, and you can get it by beating The Chef, the fat dude to the south. He uses normal attacks and is quite easy. Check the table for some soup, then give it to the boy for an achievement.

Loanrenzo makes his comeback in Suits: A Business RPG.
He's tenacious, give him that much.
- South through the Cafeteria you’ll emerge in the Food District proper. Now you can wander around like you normally would. Enemies pop up while you’re exploring, but they’re the Suits you fought in the Under City, and they can’t compete with you anymore. You’ll find the following in the Food District:
  • In the northwest is a vending machine. Check it and you’ll be attacked by CAN Loanrenzo, a fusion of Loanrenzo and can. Loanrenzo can hit one or both characters for just over 100 points of damage. Painful, but straightforward. Take him down and you can… use the vending machine…?
  • A vendor sits in the middle of the District, dispensing the usual stuff. Ayup.
  • In the west is Burger Baron’s. The first NPC to the north will push you into a fight with two Fry Cooks and a Sad Burger Mascot. The Mascot is useless, but the Fry Cooks will consistently attack both characters at a time. Kinda painful. S. Storm is recommended for a quicker group kill. A guy behind the counter will ask you to deliver 300 Cheeseburgers to someone in the Media District. Another NPC in here will give you $420, and there’s a journal page in the corner of the store. You can also find three Tasty Sandwiches, a Reva-Viva, and a Bottled Water in the crate by the cashier.
  • In the east is Pizza Pirates. Speak to the first NPC to the north upon entering and he’ll give you $1,000 and an achievement if you took down the Fry Cooks. Speak to the western NPCs and you’ll run into a battle with Darby the Clam. Darby is no more difficult than any other enemy. Check the far west wall for a crack; it leads to the Pizza Pirate Hat.
  • A hefty dude in the southwest will give you nine Sandwiches.
- At this point you can leave the Food District via the southern exit. You’ll wind up back in the hub, and the Leader will be waiting. He’ll describe the battles to come, and you’ll gain access to the Media District. (And no, alas, you can’t return to the previous areas at this point.)