Suits - A Business RPG created by Technomancy Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Business School
  • The Guy is part of Cycle 404. 404 is a common error code.
  • The clocks here - and in many other parts of the game - are set to 4:20. 4:20 is a world-renowned day for smoking illicit substances. It might also be a reference to a 9 to 5 schedule, and the work day in Suits City never ending.
  • There’s a guy standing on top of Business School whose sprite shows up in several areas, but you’re never able to speak to him, as far as I know. He’s the only ‘Suit’ with hair.
  • This area (and every other one) is filled with named plants. I assume this is a reference to ‘growing’ your business. What’s more, all of the small plants are named after women - and there are no female NPCs anywhere in the game.

Office District
  • Two of the benches in this District are labelled ‘Wet Paint’ and ‘Pet Waint’, respectively.
  • There are benches on the left and right side of the main building. Their descriptions hint at less-than-optimal development. 
  • The CEO of the District apparently has a rocket-powered window washer.
  • Braix, the dude who gives you the Crowbar on the roof, makes a reference to Ghosbusters. He’ll also weep copiously if you return to him after destroying the Crowbar.
  • GOGO Runnyman sounds like a reference to any number of video games, though side-scrolling platformers seem most likely.
  • Batter is a rather on-the-nose reference to the protagonist of OFF, a cult classic indie RPG. Similarly, Mortis, a nearby ghost, is a reference to the creator of OFF, Mortis Ghost.
  • Wifebeater Peter wears a wife beater shirt.
  • The Old Lady turns into 01-D. 01-D = Old.

Law District
  • The two political parties in this District make some pointed references to real-life political parties - for example, the dudes in the left wing claim that an ‘ass’ is their symbol, and the donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party in the United States.
  • Court B is a basketball court. Wah-wah. The NPC in here is called Mike J., a reference to Michael Jordan.
  • Court D contains a court battle against a plant and a dead man, a reference to the game Plants vs. Zombies.
  • The Guards in the Law District are dogs, and they have humans on leashes. Inverted!

Financial District
  • There’s a dude named Moe Money walking the streets, and if you talk to him he’ll change his name to Moe Problems. This is a reference to the song ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’.
  • There’s a worker in the right wing of W. Bank playing a first-person shooter called Tie G.N. His comments are a jab at IGN, an online gaming company.
  • The clocks here read 7:10, another drug reference.
  • There are a few talking bushes in this District: one outside W.Bank (it allows you to get into the Bank without having to trick your way through the front entrance), one right by the front door inside W.Bank, and one on the roof of W.Bank. The second bush belongs to a Hermit who also appears in Under City.

Under City
  • There’s a trash heap labelled ‘ET for the Atari’ in the east of Under City. This is probably a reference both to the quality of the game - it sucked - and the fact that many copies of ET were buried in a New Mexico landfill when they failed to sell.
  • The Loan Sharks are actual sharks. Except one of them. He’s a dolphin. Don’t believe his lies.
  • If you don’t agree to help the Collectivists when the Leader requests your aid you’ll get into a fight with him. There is no way to beat him, so it’s basically a Game Over.
  • Bill-E the ex-car salesman is likely a reference to Billy Fucillo, owner and spokesperson for Fucillo Automotive. His commercials regularly feature Billy proclaiming that things are ‘HUUUUUGE’.
  • The Dock Chimpanzees and Dock Gorillas may be a reference to Sock Monkeys. Dock = Sock? I don’t know, I’m stretching.
  • The majority of large crates in the game are useless. There’s one exception in the Back Room of the Post Office, just outside the Dock; this one will get exasperated with your constant searching and give you $2,000.
  • The Soylent Meat signs are a reference to Soylent Green, 1970s sci-fi film.
  • The ‘controller’ of the Factories is an actual remote control. It also mutes your characters. lulz
Food District
  • You can fight Fry Fierrie in a crate near the entrance. He’s a reference to Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef.
  • In the Kitchen you can heat up some Linguini. Do so and you’ll fight King Ramsey, a reference to Gordon Ramsay, another celebrity chef.
  • There’s a vending machine on the west side of the Food District. Check it and you’ll find CEO Loanrenzo, changed into a can for some reason. Fisticuffs commence.
Media District
  • The ‘Keys to Success’ you need to collect are a reference to a fairly common business buzz-phrase.
  • There are two rappers in the Music Building, two tiez and 62 Cents, who are references to real-life rappers - namely 2 Chainz and 50 Cent. If you can’t figure out who ‘Bustin Jiebers’ is on the top floor of this same building, then… well, you’re kinda lucky, really.
  • The Goobtubers in the Internet Building are all references to popular YouTubers, and include Pewdiepie, Markiplier, JonTron, EgoRaptor, FilthyFrank, and Jim Sterling.
  • The Internet claims that its leaders are called the ‘NeverNot Spying Agency’, or ‘NSA’. The NSA is the United State’s National Security Agency, and polices, among other things, the internet.
  • The arguing gamers in the Video Game Building are a reference to the PC vs. console wars that rage pointlessly online virtually every day.
  • An NPC in the Film and Television Building talks about ‘COX News’, an obvious reference to FOX News.
  • Richard, Jewls, and Bobbles in the Film and Television Building are references to the Trailer Park Boys, while Shell Dan and his show, The Huge Boom Hypothesis, are references to Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.