Suits - A Business RPG Walkthrough: Achievements

Suits - A Business RPG created by Technomancy Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

  • Graduation - Complete Business School. You’ll get this after finishing the first area of the game.
  • Jerome’s Not Home - Recruit Jerome. He’s on the 13th floor of the office building in the Office District; you need a special item from the Bike Shop in the west to get to him.
  • WifeBeater Peter - Defeat WifeBeater Peter. He’s in the last room on the 52nd floor of the Office District’s HQ.
  • Castle GoGo 7 - Defeat GoGo Runny Man. He’s found inside a painting in a home in the east of the Office District.
  • Bad for the Environment - Defeat the Rat King. He’s found in a home in the southwest of the Office District.
  • Burn Out - Burn Fraudulent Documents for the secretary of the Office District’s office building. You can do so in the Basement’s Furnace Room, to the west of the elevator’s exit.
  • Kiss of Judy - Find a present in the office building of the Office District. You can find the path to this present hidden behind the elevator while you're on the roof.
  • 2 Tablets to Paradise - Sample the drugs of the drug dealer. He’s sitting on the right side of the courthouse in the Law District.
  • A District Divided - Help the Liberals and the Conservatives of the Law District. You’ll need to pass messages back and forth between their respective HQs, which are in the right and left wings of the courthouse.
  • Toilet Paper Hero - A dude in the courthouse of the Law District will ask you for toilet paper. (He’s in the bathroom.) You can fetch some from the Spooky Supply Closet down the hall.
  • Supreme Court - Defeat the Basketball in the basketball court of the Law District’s courthouse.
  • Plant Vs. Zombie - Listen in on a silly court case in the Law District’s courthouse.
  • Mystical Relic - Force one party to sign a contract for the other party in the Financial District. You’ll need to visit the right and left wings of the W. Bank to get the quest.
  • Crunch the Numbers - Defeat Infinity. He’s on top of W. Bank.
  • It’s Pay Day - Drill into the safe on the ground floor of W. Bank in the Financial District. You’ll need to collect a drill from a dude just outside, then wait for five minutes by the safe after speaking to the nearby NPC. Prepare for some uncomfortable dialogue while you wait.
  • Appraise the Lord - Collect a tithe from a Hobo in Under City’s homeless shelter for the Pastor in the Church.
  • Trump The Aliens - Kill the Alien in his home in the Financial District.
  • Shark Week - Kill the four Loan Sharks. All of them but Great White are out on the streets.
  • Triassic Nark - Defile a house in the east of Under City, then kill its Dinosaur owner.
  • It’s Gonna Be Huge - Fight Bill-E, to the west of the Post Office in Under City.
  • Revolution - Meet The Leader in Under City.
  • Change of Plans - Unconfirmed, but I think this is supposed to trigger when you ride the heli-carrier between Under City and the Factories. I can’t think of any other place it could be.
  • Final Solution - Hit the Kill button in the security room of the Factories, killing all of the Meat Men.
  • Redact, Reuse, Recycle - Kill the Pile of Bodies in the Factories.
  • Chef Boy Arty - Bring soup to Boy Arty in the Cafeteria of the Food District. The soup is on a table just south, in a large canteen.
  • The Meat Kid - Recruit the Meat Kid in the Food District. You’ll need to cook Linguini in the Kitchen and bring it to Meat Kid to recruit him.
  • Soup Or Salad? - Defeat the Food Force. They’re in the main building of the Food District, east of the Kitchen.
  • Hell’s Cocina - Defeat King Ramsey. He’s also in the main building of the Food District, and will show up if you try to cook Linguini in the Kitchen.
  • East Side, West Side - Defeat one of the NPCs in the Food District’s Burger Baron’s, then report your success to another NPC in Pizza Pirate’s.
  • Virus Hunter - Destroy the Viruses in The Grid, inside the Media District’s Internet Building.
  • GoobTube Forever - Destroy all of the GoobTubers in the Media District’s Internet Building.
  • C-NT: Corporate - Kill Shell Dan on the 80th floor of the Film and Television Building in the Media District.
  • Free Quincy - Defeat the Guard on the 24th floor of the Music Building in the Media District.
  • Executable - Defeat the Technomancy Team in the Video Game Building of the Media District. You need to collect the four Keys to Success, return to the Video Game Building’s Developer Room, and check out the previously-locked office in the northwest to find them. They’ll appear when you check the crack in the middle of the floor. This will give you an ‘alternate’ ending, as well.
  • Kingdom Commerce - Defeat The CEO. Basically, beat the game.


  1. "Kiss Of Judy" I believe it has something to do with the gifts M.J leaves around the game in the secret walls. Haven't got the achievement yet, might have to do a replay :p

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Go to the roof of the first building. Go around to the back of the little square building you exit from, and press space in the middle of the back wall. There's a hidden door there. (I found this thanks to the game discussion board on Steam!)

  3. The alien isn't in the undercity. He's in the locked building of the financial district just above the one with the 'authentic fake door.' You need to talk to the guy right next to the crack in the wall upstairs at the bank to get the key. Then go defeat the alien and return to get the achievement. Thanks for a great guide!

  4. Executable- The Creator do not appear i already checked the fricking Cracks more than 3 Hours is something Missing?

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