Upon reaching Chapter III, after completing the Capitol Building, you’ll be given a choice of three quests to complete: Sight for Soar Eyes, Going in Circles, or Radar Database. All three will push the plot forward. You can complete all of them, if you want, though only the first will trigger the next quest, A Sweet Journey.

Sight for Soar Eyes

This quest tasks you with finding three pieces of information, and all three are available by speaking to the recruitable NPCs. Several NPCs may have this info, and you won’t know for sure until you speak to the person. This sounds annoying, given how NPCs are spread out, but you can find all three in Capital City. You just need to explore. Below are a few NPCs whom you can find to get the various pieces of information:
  • First Piece of Information - Pilot, Firefighter
  • Second Piece of Information - Superfan, Teacher
  • Third Piece of Information - Mom, Plumber 
Going in Circles

Alternately, you can get information from one of the NPCs in the Grasslands, located to the east of Capital City. Speak to the Farmer - she’s sitting beside a barn, right in the middle of the area - and she’ll ask you to help out with some crop circles. Problem is, you can’t do so until night hits, and that will only happen after 9 pm.

Return to the area at night and you’ll find the fields around the Farmer inhabited by Moo.F.O.s, mechanical enemies that are weak to electrical attacks. Destroy five of them - they’re all to the west of the Farmer - then speak to her again. This time she’ll direct you to Appleton Farms. Appleton is located north of Home Town, but you need to go through Crystal Beach and Big Steppe to reach it. Check the northwest corner of Big Steppe to find the path. (You can also cheap out and get the Architect to build you a bridge from Mount Pom-Pom.) Once there, look for a Moo F.O. in the southwest that you can speak to, near a muddy patch.

Return to the Farmer after speaking to the Moo F.O., back in Grasslands. She’ll join your party, as well as give you the next quest in the line.

Radar Database

The third quest you can choose will take you to Eden Industries, in the southeast corner of Capital City’s eastern area. Speak to the Programmer on the third floor and he’ll ask you to help him with several Viruses that are plaguing his digital avatar in the VR World. Head northwest from the entrance and you’ll find the avatar being chased by three Viruses; destroy all three to earn his gratitude. You’ll then recruit the Programmer.

Once that’s done, the Programmer will ask you to head to the Junkyard. It’s located in the same direction as Appleton, north of Crystal Lake and adjacent to Big Steppe, though it’s to the northeast rather than the northwest. Once there, put the Bodybuilder in your party and head into the junk pit. ‘round about the middle you’ll find a computer blocked by several boulders which only the Bodybuilder can move. Hurl them away, then put the Programmer in your party and choose ‘Radar Database’ from the computer.