Blacktomb Yard

- Blacktomb Yard is located in the south of Lilygear Lake. To get here you need to head through a few Subtunnels, outlined in the previous article. Fredbear’s waiting for you when you arrive, at which point you’re free to explore. The Yard has the following new enemies:
  • Graveweeds. Pretty standard foes. Nothing terribly notable about ‘em.
  • Beartraps. More standard foes. They hit you. A bit faster than average, but nothing special need be done to bring them down.
  • Prototypes. Bah, Hot Cheese! This can get annoying if it gets used too often. Watch your health.
- The path branches out pretty quickly when you walk away from the entrance of this area. There’s potential for Token chests to the west, and if you head southwest you’ll find a larger chest containing the Block: Jumpscare chip.

Clock Task

Yep, another clock minigame. This time Fredbear directs you to Pinwheel Circus, though he's actually sending you to Pinwheel Funhouse. It's part of the main quest, so don't worry about going out of your way or anything. Once there you can find the clock in one of the first few areas you'll find, just by going through tents at random. The minigame is another push-the-silhouette-into-the-box affair, and is pretty easy.

- Blacktomb Yard is populated by gravestones, and one will trigger a glitch. The tombstone you're looking for is the third down in the western-most column of graves, with a tree on its left. Press up against it and you can walk across the landscape. Head west from here, into the Mysterious Mine, and you can get at a chest sitting on top of some wooden boards. It contains the Auto: Mimic Chip. (There are two other red chests you can touch via this glitch, but you can't actually collect them. Lame.)

- Head east. Yet another Lolbit’s Byte Store is waiting over yonder, this one selling the Pop-Pop, BOOM, and KABOOM Bytes. These guys only get used once per battle, but they hit every enemy on the screen for heavy damage. Not so great for bosses, but solid for clearing out crowds of weaker enemies.

- Head south until you hit a small southwestern clearing with no apparent exit. In truth, you can walk through a tree on your left. Beyond you’ll find an entrance to a new area, Deep-Metal Mine.

The gang makes friends with Withered Freddy
in Deep-Metal Mine. Violently.
Deep-Metal Mine

- New enemies! Already! Coo beans:
  • Blacktraps. Despite looking like the Beartraps you were just fighting, these guys are much more dangerous, because they can use Esc Key to potentially kill one or more members of your party. This can, if you’re really unlucky, wipe your whole freaking party. Don’t defend, just attack until they go down hard.
  • Rot. Slimy piles. Not a big deal.
  • Tombstacks. That stupid Unscrew attack. In large numbers these guys can be quite dangerous, as Unscrew comes out fairly often and has a nasty tendency to stick more than you would like. Be ready to switch teams if you get down to one or two characters.
The Nightmares also seem to start appearing here, if you haven't seen any before. They can be nasty. But, hey, new recruits, amirite?

- There’s a lock blocking the north, so ignore that path and head east, then south. The path forces you west for a while, then branches to the west and south. To the northwest is a dead end, but you’re also going to find the last Lolbit’s Byte Store. Here you can purchase the BossDrain01, 02, and -X Bytes. These Bytes are only effective against boss characters, but work really well against them, as they gradually drain the health bar. 

- Backtrack and go south this time, down the left southbound path. The path branches again; take a left. This leads to another dead end, this with a gold chest - aaaaand an invisible boss.

Mad Endo, boss of Deep-Metal Mine in FNaF World.
Imagine that stalking you through a pizzeria.
Mad Endo

That’s a big ol’ robot. Mad Endo isn’t terribly fancy - it’s just tough. Whittle it down with your strongest attacks and keep your health up. Shrug? Not much harder than most foes in the Mine. Mad Endo is protecting the Find: Characters Chip, which is very handy for drawing new recruitable characters into battles against your party.

- Return to the previous intersection and take the right southbound path this time. This leads to a flashing tombstone Subtunnel. Head east in the Subtunnel and keep your eye open for a flashing tree in the southeast. The black section of the Subtunnel contains a warp point, but it’s kind of a false friend, and you’re looking for a flashing tree on your right as you head south. The rest of the way out, though bizarre, is fairly simple.

- Once you emerge from the warp you’ll appear in Pinwheel Circus. Hit the button on your right to open the path to the south - you may have come here earlier to purchase Lolbits - then proceed north.