FNaF World created by Scott Cawthon.
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Pinwheel Circus

- Pinwheel Circus is located in the east of Choppy’s Woods, on the banks of Lilygear Lake. There’s an excellent chance you’ve visited this place prior to coming here from Deep-Metal Mine, as you can access the very first section from Lilygear. You can only purchase Bytes from a vendor here, however, before you’re forced out. You’ll face the following foes in Pinwheel Circus:
  • Ballboys. Aside from looking creepy and lobbing the occasional Balloon flurry at you, not a big deal. Still a threat in large groups, however.
  • Dogfights. No big deal. They thwomp you. Thwomp them back. These guys only get dangerous if they weaken your party enough and use Waterhose, which doesn’t happen too often. Heal to prevent Waterhose from killing anyone.
  • Meringue. They use… Snowball? Chilly. Not a big deal as long as you’re healing occasionally.
- Head north. Before you hit the next boss - he's hard to miss - you'll see a green tent, among others, that you can approach from the bottom. If you press against the tent's opening for a few seconds you'll find a hidden path to Deep-Metal Mine. Wander through this long, straightforward passage to find a red chest containing the Curse: Status Chip. You need to defeat a Mad Endo to get at the chest.

- Return to Pinwheel Circus. Fredbear’s waiting, and past him a bulky dude is blocking the path. Huzzah!


That is one hell of an eyebrow. Browboy is a brutal opponent, even though he’s basically just a buffed-up version of Ballboy, and he’ll alternate between single attacks for around 250 points of damage and a Balloon strike that hits multiple targets. The normal attack is by far the greater threat, and you’ll want to be healing constantly to offset the effects. Debuffing Browboy with a specialist in the area - I like Phantom Freddy, personally - will make his damage output more manageable as well.

- The Circus starts to open up a little past Browboy. Look north for a chest containing the Auto: Regen Chip, then approach the green tent on your right.

The Pinwheel Funhouse in FNaF World.
Holy... hell.
Pinwheel Funhouse

- Oooo, secretive. And... trippy as hell, since the update. You’ll start running into new enemies out here:
  • Tangles. KILL QUICKLY. These jerks have, and will use, Esc Key to murder everyone you know and love. Death attacks will dispatch them in a right hurry.
  • White Rabbits. If encountered one-at-a-time they’re kind of pathetic. You will get stunned occasionally. Groups of them are much more dangerous, however, as they can stun you into submission and rob you of turns over and over. Stunning them before they can do the same to you is effective.
  • Redbears. (Breadbear?) Fairly strong, but they don’t have any crazy special moves to fear. They can also spam Jumpscare to stun you if you’re unlucky, but they don’t seem to use it as often as the White Rabbits.
While exploring you may also randomly come across another boss, as well...

Gold Endo in FNaF World.
Token collection made easy.
Gold Endo

Oooo, swag. Gold Endo is more or less the same as Mad Endo, with the addition of Hot Cheese attacks that will drain your party. Painful, but not horrible, and if you can beat a Mad Endo you can beat a Gold Endo. Heal, revive, conquer. Gold Endos are quite rare, but they drop a looooot of Tokens. Yay for wealth!

Along with this lot you will find the final members of your animatronic team in here. If you haven't gotten an animatronic yet, look for them in Pinwheel Funhouse with Find: Characters equipped. They'll show up eventually, and you may need the extra levels gained looking for them in coming areas.

- You appear in a small, tree-filled clearing with two more tents. Both of these tents will teleport you into what appears to be Mysterious Mine, albeit a nicely-lit version of the Mine. The tents strewn throughout here will deceptive, as they lead you in a big ‘ol loop regardless of the direction you go. Take a right at the entrance, walk east, and look for a tombstone stuck in the wall below you. You can walk through the wall and touch the tombstone to jump.

- You’ll appear in a clearing. The purple tent to the left leads to a loop, so ignore it, walk down two tree stumps, and walk through the stump on your right. Boss!

Bubba, the beefy bear boss of Pinwheel Funhouse.
He ain't no Freddy.

Big boy! Bubba’s straightforward but very tough. He has two attacks: his normal strike, no big deal, and Jumpscare, which stuns everybody for a short while. Annoying. Bubba has a toooooon of health, and his defences are no cakewalk to penetrate, so you’ll have to debuff the hell out of him and then batter him with your strongest attacks to bring him down. Stunning him with your own Jumpscare is recommended to deaden his strikes. Not particularly difficult, but it’ll take a while.

- Beyond Bubba is - yay! - another tent. You emerge near three more tents, including one hidden in a wall. Ignore all of them and walk through the right wall if you want to proceed. Fredbear’s a-waitin’ to the south.

- If you'd like to make a side trip, however, you can find a little extra. Rather than ignoring the three tents mentioned previously, enter the first one to the south. You'll wind up in a small corridor to another tent that will shoot you back several rooms. Walk through the left wall just above the second tent. This leads to a red chest containing the Counter: Bite Chip.

- Head back to the main path and through the wall, mentioned above, to find a subtunnel. There are two warp points to the east, and you want to use the flashing tree up the first northbound path to proceed. Once you’ve appeared in the next subtunnel, go north a short distance and walk through the wall on your right to find another subtunnel warp. The remainder of the trip through is straightforward.

ENDING ALERT! When you reach the third subtunnel layer you can walk south through one of the trees in the east. The passage you find leads to a final, unescapable area, one Fredbear warned you about several times. Congratulations! Hit Esc and reload to get out of here.

- We'll assume you went the normal way. You’ll emerge at Lilygear Lake, in a small enclosure you probably saw earlier but couldn’t reach. Hit the button nearby to open it up, then approach the surly-looking pig to the north.

Porkpatch, a wannabe animatronic.
Get out of here, Porkpatch, there are no pigs at Freddy Fazbear Pizza.

Holy hell. Porkpatch is as straightforward as they come - all he does is attack, with occasional dips into Toxic Bite for variety - but his attack power is such that each ‘normal’ hit will probably kill a character. You need to debuff Porkpatch excessively, as well as buff yourself, to survive. That done, beat the snot out of the pig with your best attacks. Phantom Freddy is great for the debuffing; Endo 01 and Crying Child are both good at buffing; the Chicas can handle healing; and lots of other characters can manage the attacks. Hard-hitting Bytes, particularly the BossDrain line, are recommended as well. (Two of the BossDrains working together make victory just a matter of holding out, really.)

Defeating Porkpatch will allow you to get at a lovely golden Key. You can now use this Key to unlock several locked doors elsewhere in the game, which will, ultimately, allow you to proceed to the end of the game. Onward!