FNaF World created by Scott Cawthon.
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- Lilygear Lake is the fourth major, mandatory area you’ll encounter. It’s located to the east of Fazbear Hills, though you need to go through Dusting Hills to get there. A slip into a Subtunnel will bring you ‘round to this new area. You'll also speak to Fredbear...

Clock Task

Let Fredbear complete his dialogue and wait on the 'Done' screen for another clock to appear on the map. Like last time it appears in Mysterious Mine, though this time it's located to the north of Lilygear Lake's entrance. Take a right where you come in, then head south when you hit an intersection to find the clock. Three boxes will appear, each trigger a code; you need to stand on the middle box, with the code '395248'.

- Walk into the water and Freddy will hop onto a lily pad and start cruising on it like a surfboard. As ever, the enemies get a bit of a change-up once you’re on the water:
  • Seaweed. Standard, hitty enemies. No big deal.
  • Crabapples. These dudes can, among other things, use Hot Cheese, which will slowly drain your health. It’s easy to neglect - and get murdered by - this damage. Heal often while fighting them.
  • Colossals. Theeeey will smack you. Oh no! Tougher than Seaweed, but straightforward.
In addition to the normal enemies above, there’s a decent chance you’ll randomly run into one of these dudes while surfing around. And, yes, he’s a boss, and yes, you can’t flee.


Ouch. Seagoon is very similar to the Eyesores from Mysterious Mine in that he deals in two attacks: either he uses a physical attack on one character - nothing to sneeze at, since they do around 200 HP of damage - or he’ll use Waterhose to potentially insta-kill a character. Owie. Aside from the occasional heal, your primary goal should be to slow him down with debuffs and batter him with your strongest attacks. Pizza Roll is excellent for dragging its health bar down to zero in a hurry.

- The area opens up quite a bit from the start. Begin by heading north along the coast and looking for another place to land. This will take you back to Choppy’s Woods, where you’ll find yet another entrance to Mysterious Mine. Ooooo. 

- If you search the trees near the lock on this stretch of Choppy’s Woods you can also find a Subtunnel entrance. There are three warps here, none of them very useful. What you’re looking for is a flashing tree inside the Subtunnel - it’s beside the southeastern warp - that will take you down another Subtunnel level. Eventually you’ll pop out in a new area: Blacktomb Yard. Hit the button nearby to open a path back to Lilygear Lake, and speak to Fredbear if you like.

- Don’t start exploring this new area just yet, though. Return to the water and sail north, sticking to the east as much as you can. You’ll find a whirlpool wedged against the edge of the screen. Hop in and it will shoot you over to a circus tent on the shore. Pop inside.

Pinwheel Circus

- Head north. There’s a Lolbit’s Byte Store up here, this one selling Mini-FOs, UFOs, and X-FOs. These UFOs are the same as the bug Bytes you bought in Fazbear Hills, but they do much, much damage. It’s worth it even to buy the cheapest among them, as it’ll hit harder than even Neon Wasp.

- Yep. For the moment, that’s it. There’s more to see in the Circus, and in Lilygear Lake, but you can’t reach any of it yet. We’ll come back here.