Part Twelve: Camp Koo-Koo

Main Walkthrough

- The Cookie Factory sits in the southwest of Camp Koo-Koo, and is your target for the Chapter IV quest Baking Bad. In addition to fighting the child baddies of the Camp, who wander around the Factory at will, this place contains a new foe:
  • Blazin’ Little Toasters. Nasty pieces of work with fire attacks but not much health. Hydro and electric attacks will fry them.
  • Hyper Child 2.0. A robot that enjoys frying you with flame attacks. Electricity works well. You’ll have to speak to the ‘bots to engage them in battle. 
- The Cookie Factory has three garage entrances out front, aside from the main entrance. The first and third contain enemies; the middle contains $500. You’ll have to go through the main entrance regardless of which of these you visit.

- After a small reception area you’ll emerge in an office. You can find a Bun in a package behind the northern-most desk. Doors to the east and north lead to a factory floor; go through the eastern door and hug the southern wall to find, behind a stack of boxes, some Cream Soda. If you continue north you can find a Latte among the boxes in the northeast, and to the far east is a ‘secret’ side exit back to Camp Koo-Koo.

- Either head north through the office or take the left-most conveyor belt in the east. You’ll wind up at two sets of stairs. Check the box just north of the stairs for a Crab Roll, then take a right and go south. A switch on the wall will open a large conveyor belt on your right. Check the box down and the right from the switch for a Coffee before you leave.

- Head back to the three conveyor belts in the east. Before hopping on the central conveyor, get on the right one and ride it to the northeast. You’ll find a small pipe maze patrolled by Toasters, and if you check the far east wall you can find an Unagi Roll. Skim along the southern wall to the west and you can find a Hyper Child 2.0. Defeat it to get at a Smoke Bomb for the Firefighter.

- Back to the conveyor. Hop on the central belt and ride it into the middle chamber, where you’ll find another Hyper Child 2.0 and a slew of Toasters, all plastered against the rear wall. If you’re careful you can weave around them to get out. The conveyor belt leads to the right and left; take a right to find a Donut, then head left.

- Hop off the conveyor, destroy the Hyper Child 2.0, and hit the switch on the wall. This opens up the rest of the conveyor route, and you can hop back on. You’ll be swept to the northeastern room of the Cookie Factory, where a vicious opponent waits.

Colonel Cookie and the Cookie Colossus.
Why a green backdrop? Because I forgot to take a proper screencap. Sigh.
Colonel Cookie, Cookie Colossus

A boss, if ever you’ve seen one. These Cookie monstrosities are fairly hard hitters, and most of the time will content themselves with mashing muscle attacks against your party one-at-a-time. Not too bad - but the situation can get bad if they start buffing one another, which happens reasonably often. The Colonel and the Colossus can both hit your whole party, as well, so you need to wipe out at least one of them quickly to avoid the bad luck of everyone getting hit in a single turn. If you have a party with lots of verbal attackers, go after the Colonel first, as he’s weak to verbal attacks and should go down fairly quickly. You only need to get rid of half of his health before he flees. If not, tackle the Colossus first, as it can buff the Colonel and give him Energy for some more lethal attacks. It can also set your team on fire, which is just plain annoying.

Defeating Colonel Cookie and the Cookie Colossus will clear this area, and the quest. It will also put the fear of you into the local enemies, and everything in and around Camp Koo-Koo will flee from you forevermore. Huzzah!

Part Fourteen: Panjama Island

Main Walkthrough