- Your first destination in Chapter IV (not mandatory first, but we’ll do it anyway) is Camp Koo-Koo, a day camp pulled straight from the depths of hell. The Camp is located to the west of Home Town, and is quite easy to reach - though a police officer will try to warn you away. Ignore him, he’s a worrywart. You can come here earlier, but it’s likely that the quest Baking Band will bring you to Camp Koo-Koo.

- Camp Koo-Koo has some new brands of enemies available for you to crush, most of them (not so) harmless kids:
  • Unhappy Campers. Fairly weak enemies. The worst they can typically do is make you sneeze. Take them down with verbal attacks.
  • Hyper Children. Slightly more physical than Unhappy Campers; otherwise, meh. They are also weak to verbal attacks.
Because these guys are weak to verbal attacks, you can steamroll this place with Mother, Conspiracy Guy, and / or School Mascot in your party.

- The first screen of Camp Koo-Koo splits in two directions right at the beginning. If you head west you’ll find a bridge, and a quick cut scene will alert you to things going badly. This is the path you need to ultimately take. We want to explore - right? - so we’ll check the rest of the Camp first, including the northern exit. You can find the following on this screen:
  • Up a western dirt ramp and behind a tree overlooking the road is a Donut.
  • Up on the eastern cliffs as you walk north you can find Cream Soda, sitting at the base of a tree.
  • In the northwest you can find a small, heavily-defended island. There’s a Coffee sitting in the north.
Wandering the grounds of Camp Koo-Koo in Citizens of Earth.
The kids hereabouts are crazy. Hence the name! lul, puns.
- The bulk of Camp Koo-Koo’s lodges are one screen to the north. The map is pretty busy, but it’s a fairly simple map, aside from the mass number of enemies waiting ‘round the central camp. You can find the following up here:
  • Head east and south from the parking lot to find a Lemon-Lime. Head north along the eastern side of the map from this point to find a Green-Ish Goblin, a powerful melee brawler and one of the Cop’s wanted criminals.. You can defeat it to receive a Photo Journal for the Photographer. Check around the pond where it’s standing for a Neuroleptic.
  • There’s a Latte to the northwest of the camp, sitting amid some mushrooms.
  • On the right side of a cliff along the northwestern path to the exit is a Birthday Cake.
- The exit in the northwest leads to - surprise! - another section of Camp Koo-Koo. Again, tons of enemies, but not a hell of a lot to see besides some items:
  • There are two bridges if you head west. The northern bridge leads to a pond; down and to the left of the pond you can find $1,000 tucked beside a tree. 
  • There’s a trash can sitting on a ledge to the southeast of this same pond. You can slip through the trees to get to it with the Homeless Guy. The can contains a Bee Net for the Beekeeper.
  • The rest of the Camp lies across the southern bridge. There’s a Spicy Tuna Roll sitting on a tree stump near the bridge.
  • You’ll wander onto some small islands to the south. You can find a Relaxant on the fallen log blocking a path on the northern-most island.
- The southern exit brings you to the final area of Camp Koo-Koo, which is also the other side of the bridge you bypassed on the first screen. Approaching from the northwest entrance you can find a Muffin in the box near the tents to the south. 

- Head to the large, obvious Cookie Factory in the southeast. Before entering, though, check out the dock a short walk to the north. A big, goofy monster is waiting at the end of the dock.

Ogopogo, the beast of Camp Koo-Koo.
Though not willingly so.

Yikes. This thing is reasonably tough. The Ogopogo doesn’t have a ton of health, but it possesses some impressively-powerful attacks: one will strike a single target for decent normal and / or muscle damage, another will hit everyone for verbal damage, and the last, used perhaps most often of the lot, hits everyone for hydro damage. All can sap your health fairly quickly. Ogopogo doesn’t have any particular strengths or weaknesses, so your best bet is simply to buff your characters and use your strongest single-hitting attacks to waste it as quickly as you can. Ogopogo will occasionally change colour throughout the fight, but I don’t think it has any huge bearing on its damage or which attacks it uses.

After defeating Ogopogo, speak to the Captain near the edge of the dock. You’ll then recruit him into the party, and he can ride the Ogopogo around watery sections of the world map, starting and ending at docks. You can use this ability to ride one screen to the east and one to the north and access an isolated island, upon which you’ll find Camera Flash for the Photographer.

- That’s all for Camp Koo-Koo. Your next destination is the Cookie Factory itself, and the doors should tip you off to problems waiting inside.