- The first step to conquering Sugarflats, the next major area in the game, is finding the thing. After reaching the Grasslands, located to the east of Capital City, you’ll find the Forbidden Highway in the northeast. Walk down the road apace to the east until it branches off to the south. Go south to find Sugarflats. Alternately, enter the Dream World via one of the beds and you’ll find a way into this region. (You can also get here via the Pilot if you get her to over level 20 or so… though you can’t get onto the ground from the helipad. Lame.)

- As with most areas, Sugarflats has its own brand of baddies. Expect to encounter the following:
  • Hippie Guys. The Guys are dangerous thanks to their penchant for dishing out multiple hits to multiple targets in a single round, and they can also heal themselves. Great. You’ll find them most susceptible to water. Hippie Guys may appear as Groovy Guys, which are generally stronger but not much different. They’re weak to lightning rather than water.
  • Hippie Gals. Capable of hitting, Hippie Gals are much more annoying because they evenly reallocate everyone’s Energy. This can be good, but usually it’s just annoying. Set ‘em on fire for a quick win. Hippie Gals can become Groovy Gals, which are stronger but otherwise act more or less the same; their weakness is to fighting moves instead of fire.
- Head south. On your left you’ll find a small campsite. Check the trash can with the Homeless Guy for a Bun and the rock just south of the trash can for a Sedative. Continue south and you’ll be stopped by a Hippie Guy and a Hippie Gal; beat them and they’ll be transformed into a Groovy Guy and a Groovy Gal for an immediate followup battle.

- Continue south to find a Hippie commune of sorts. You can find a Bun in a trash can and Ipecac on your left, and to your right… a very strange, ramshackle statue. Huh. Speak to the friendly Hippies in front of the statue to get a new objective, namely to locate the Hippie Guru.

- Check the fenced area further east for some Brain Juice and a Bun in a trash can. South of the fence you can find several sleeping pages; you can hop in one to both nap and straight-up Dream. The statue in the camp during your dream will allow you to access the Dream Gallery.

- To the south of here you’ll find the second screen of Sugarflats, and it’s here that the Groovy enemies will start to appear, along with their Hippie brethren. It’s a fairly nondescript area, all told, and you can find the following items of note wandering around:
  • There’s a Relaxant to the west of the entrance
  • A Donut waits to the east of the entrance, as well as a Hippie Gal who will give you the quest On Goldie’s Pond
  • A cave in the southwest contains a Dragon Roll and a Bugspray for the Exterminator
  • To the south is a lighthouse; down and to the right of it is some Coffee
  • Last, if you fly to Sugarflats via the Pilot, you’ll wind up on the western cliffs of this area, where you can find Nootropic and a Grease Can, conveniently for the Pilot
The Sugarflats of Citizens of Earth are not so sweet
as you may have been expecting.
- The exit to the third screen of Sugarflats is in the southwest, and you’ll emerge near oil fields. Head south at the next intersection, through the wreck of an oil tanker, and you’ll find Brain Juice on your right.

- Backtrack and head north. You’ll soon hit an open area that serves as a sort of intersection. Continue northeast to find a cave; inside is a Brain Smoothie. There’s also a path up to the tops of the cliffs of this area, but this will lead you to the end of Sugarflats, and we don’t want to go that way just yet. Exit the cave again and head northeast a touch further to find Devil’s Food Cake and an eastbound path to Wellspring Desert.

- Return to the clearing / intersection and head north. You’ll head onto slightly darker dirt as you go up a ramp; it leads to another cave. Inside is an Angel Food Cake and another path up onto the cliffs. Yet again, we don’t want to go this way yet.

- Back to the clearing / intersection. Head northwest to find a third cave. Check to the right of the cave to find a Ristretto before wandering into the darkness. Inside is a Latte, as well as the path up to the cliffs. This time you’ll want to make the climb up and out. Take a right once you’re back outside; the next cave you see contains Penicillin, and if you go back out and out to the dead end on the other side you’ll find a Blowtorch for the Plumber.

- At this point you’re free to explore the uppermost climes of Sugarflats, and you’ll find three treasures - a Coffee, a Birthday Cake, and something blocked by vines that you need the Gardener to snip; I’ll get it later - along the paths. You’ll also find one last cave, by a port-o-potty, and the dude inside wants to scrap.

The Guru of the Sugarflats in Citizens of Earth.
Elders got groove.

Nice clothes. The Guru is a back-and-forth kind of dude, and while he occasionally does nothing most of his attacks will hit a single target for decent damage while bestowing some sort of boost to himself. Not too problematic at first, but Guru gets steadily stronger and stronger. He can also gobble up his stat boosts to unleash one particularly strong attack against an enemy. Nonetheless, he’s not that difficult so long as you can target his two weaknesses, hydro and muscle, while avoiding fire and verbal attacks. 

You’ll get a Calligraphy Brush for the Artist for beating Guru. You’ll also complete Chapter III and the quests that brought you here, as well as trigger Chapter IV and three new quests: Baking Bad, Island Fever, and Mysterious Juju.