Your next stop on your journey through the main story is Sugarflats, a rocky (but sweet) area to the east of Capital City, and regardless of the path you took to get the quest that points you in this direction (A Sweet Journey) you’ll be sent this way. As a consequence, you may already have visited the Grasslands, as one of the three quests to get A Sweet Journey takes you through the area. If so, well, you have to head this way again.

Grasslands is inhabited by a few different breeds of enemies, each barnyard-themed:
  • Fearcrows. Pretty standard dudes. They attack. Fairly robust, but nothing special. Water hurts them quite nicely.
  • Hay Hogs. Weak on their own, a little more problematic if you encounter them in groups. Which is usually the case. Poisonous attacks do the most damage.
  • Moo F.O.s. These hefty heifers only appear after 9 PM, and stand out quite prominently. They have a decent amount of health, but are easy to mash with electrical attacks.
This area is a fairly straightforward west-to-east sweep, and if you stick to the roads you can breeze through here in a hurry. We’ll linger a bit and see what there is to see, however.

- Right next to the entrance is a sizeable house-and-yard combo. If you enter the grounds from the east side you can skim along the trees in the south and find a Muffin tucked in the southwest corner of the yard.

- In the northwest corner of the Grasslands is a smaller house. The house itself is locked, but if you check around back you can find a Tape Measure for the Architect, hidden just below the roofline.

- Next to a barn in the north / northwest is a friendly Hay Hog. It will give you the quest Nectar Collector, which will send you back to Mount Pom-Pom.

- To the south of the Hay Hog and in roughly the centre of the Grasslands you can find the Farmer, and engage in her recruitment quest. You’ll find the details in this article, since it’s part of the Chapter III quest that may have sent you to Grasslands in the first place. Just northwest of the barn she’s standing beside is a Lemon-Lime.

- The eastern half of Grasslands is dominated by some large hay / corn fields. You’ll run into some copious amounts of enemies in these fields, so tread carefully if you want to avoid battles. You can find an Angel Food Cake in the northwest corner of the northern field, a Coffee sitting on a bale of hay in the southwest of the southern field, and… that’s it? That’s it. Slim pickings for such large fields. (In fairness, they’re more for hunting down Moo F.O.s.)

- In the south is a beach, accessible by skimming along the map’s southern road to the east. You’ll find some Bread if you wander east and a Cucumber Roll if you meander to the west. No enemies along the water. Yay!

- That’s pretty much it for Grasslands, and if you want to leave you’ll find the exit from the area in the northeast, along the road. This will take you to Forbidden Highway, and Sugarflats is down the first (only) southern turn in the road. Before heading there, though, you have another side area to visit, also located in the northeast of Grasslands.

The Drive-In of Citizens of Earth.
Behold, dat big screen.
The Drive-In

Tiny area is tiny.

The Drive-In serves two purposes, and the first has to do with the screen. Use the Car Salesman’s power to put yourself in a car, then drive up to the screen in the north. This will trigger a mini game where you’re basically put in Godzilla’s shoes. Target the buildings for demolition in a zig-zag pattern, getting as man side objects (cars, tents, street lamps, etc.) as you can along the way. Earn 45,000 points or more in a minute-and-a-half and you’ll jump to Capital City, where you’ll recruit the Pilot.

The other purpose of the Drive-In is item collection. They’re spread all over the place. Nothing special, but worth collecting while you’re here:
  • Head east from the entrance and you’ll find a side path to a Birthday Cake
  • You can find an Unagi Roll under a board in the far southwest, and a Latte down the cliff from the sign and on your left
  • There’s a Sedative near the port-o-potties in the southwest
  • You can find a Coffee sitting beside a car near the screen
  • Aaaaand if you skim along the fence to the west of the screen you can find a Cute Plushy for Superfan in a clearing to the northwest