Citizens of Earth Walkthrough, Part Fourteen: Panjama Island

- Panjama Island is your next stop in Chapter IV. It’s located to the south of Home Town, though it’s not so simple as just walking south to reach the place. There are three different ways to reach Panjama Island:
  • Via Virtual Reality. Log onto a computer (the School has one) and make your way to the light blue area, which is roughly in the east. Beyond the maze of shaded corridors you’ll find the exit to Panjama.
  • Via Seabottom. Walk into the water in the south of Crystal Beach with the Lifeguard in your party, then head straight south. Two full map screens later you’ll wind up at Panjama.
  • Via the Captain. Assuming you went to Camp Koo-Koo first you can recruit the Captain, and his capture of the Ogopogo will allow you to sail to Panjama from Crystal Beach.
  • Via the Pilot. Panjama is one of her higher-level destinations. You’ll wind up just outside Panjama Jungle, which is… close enough.
Panjama Island isn’t that large, and you won’t run into too much trouble unless you stray towards the beaches. Here you’ll find a new foe:
  • Disco Crab. What? Okay. Strong, but not amazingly so. Normal attacks will do them in. They’re slow enough that avoiding them is quite easy.
- You can’t access the eastern half of Panjama Island thanks to a rather considerable roadblock, forcing you into Panjama Jungle to get around. You can enter the Jungle via the southwestern exit from the Island. There’s more to see here, though, so don’t go running into the Jungle too quickly:
  • There’s a Breve sitting in a small hut to the far west. The dock where you’d hop onto the Ogopogo is also out here.
  • There’s a conspicuous palm tree sitting near one of the western homes, and if you speak to it you’ll discover it’s a Secret Agent. He’ll ask you to deliver A Not-So-Secret Report to his superior, over at the Executive Resort.
  • Check the beach near the house with the Secret Agent. Hidden behind a tree to the south is a Cappuccino.
  • Panjama Resort is the larger building near Panjama Jungle in the southwest. You can stay here for $100. You’ll find a Coffee on the first floor, and a Cola and a Spyglass for the Captain on the second floor. This place also houses the PC that leads to Virtual Reality.

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