Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Atlantic Offices are located on the outer edge of the Glowing Sea, a shortish trip north of the Crater of Atom. You may very well walk right through the area while heading to the Glowing Sea in the first place, though it depends on your angle of approach. All the usual hazards of the Glowing Sea - omnipresent radiation, Radscorpions, Deathclaws, Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, etc. - apply here as well.

- There are two ways to enter the Offices, and it’s wiser to use the upper entrance. Why? Because the Offices are populated by Feral Ghouls, and they will drop through holes if they hear you and surprise you should you use the lower entrance. Kill the Ghouls on the upper floor first. This will also allow you to access a terminal in the rear office; it will open a nearby security door. (Alas, there’s almost nothing of worth inside.)

- The next floor down from the ground floor offers three ways to descend. The first, an open door, will take you into an empty room. The second, a closed door, has another hole in the floor - and the hole has two Laser Tripwires that will trigger an overhead tesla arc. Both of these lead to a battle with several Ghouls. The third is a hatch through the stalled elevator, and will let you skip the Ghouls.

- The elevator will take you up to the top floor, and a Glowing One will immediately assault you. Be ready for a bit of a scrap, one in which you should almost certainly shoot out its legs to start. There’s not enough room here to dodge effectively. Once the Glowing One is dead you can explore:
  • There’s a Novice locked door beneath the ramp to the roof. It leads to some minor medical items.
  • Behind the desk is an Advanced safe. Goodies abound inside.
  • A generator whirrs away on the roof. You’ll find a Fusion Core plugged into it. That’s all for the Offices. You need to jump off the roof to leave, though the fall won't exactly cripple you.