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Prerequisites: Listen to Silver Shroud Radio
Trigger: Speak to Kent Connolly
Reward: 800+ caps, 500 XP

- There are two ways to trigger this quest. The first is to turn on Silver Shroud Radio and listen to it for a while. Doing so will get you the quest. Alternatively - and you need to do this anyway - you can find Kent Connolly in one of the side rooms in Goodneighbor’s Memory Den.

- Speak to Kent and he’ll rant about Silver Shroud radio shows for a while. He’ll then ask you to track down a Silver Shroud outfit, saying it can be found at Hubris Comics. You’ll find Hubris Comics to the southwest of Goodneighbor, on the other side of Boston Common. We might as well explore the whole place while we’re here.

Hubris Comics

- The small comic shop will only seem quiet for a few moments, and after you take several steps inside you’ll be bombarded by Feral Ghouls. You can see one stooped in a doorway along the right wall as soon as you enter; lobbing a grenade over here will probably take out two. Be prepared for more to leap down from a hole in the ceiling when you wander into this place, as well.

- Have a look around the main show area. There’s little to see among the barren comic racks, but if you check behind the counter you’ll find some Pre-War Money and a copy of Unstoppables. Check the first cash register near the door and you can find a Hubris Comics Storeroom Key, as well. This opens a nearby locked door, within which you’ll find a locked safe which you can also open with the Key. Last up here is an Advanced locked terminal, which can also open the safe if you didn’t get the Key.

- There are two doors leading away from the main floor. The door to the east leads to a bathroom, where you can find some Buffout on the ground. The northeastern door leads to stairs. At the top landing you’ll be facing at least one more Ghoul, possibly more if you make lots of noise. This isn’t a bad place to make a stand, as you can back up down the stairs and get a good shot at the Ghouls while they come down.

- The path splits here. Start by taking a left from the stairs. There’s a Novice locked door in the southeast that you can use to get to an eastern hallway. You can also go through the hole in the wall in the northeast, but there’s a good chance a Ghoul will come through the ceiling to get at you. The office behind the locked door contains a Hubris Comics Office Key as well as a terminal.

- The eastern hallway leads to a kitchen, which then leads to a bathroom with a Ghoul inside (possibly legendary - sure was for me, anyway). Aside from a Nuka Cola Quantum in the pop machine there’s not much in these rooms, and there’s a good chance Ghouls will drop on your head if you go for the Quantum. You’ll find stairs to the third floor at the end of the hall.

- Whether you go up the stairs to the west of the second floor stairs or use these latter stairs, you’re now on the third floor. This area consists of holes in the floors and any remaining Ghouls that you haven’t spooked out of hiding already. You’ll find the following up here:
  • Holes in the floors. Like, a ridiculous amount. Be careful walking around. A spill won’t hurt, but you’ll be forced to backtrack.
  • There’s a terminal in one of the central offices. It contains more details about the sordid world of the Silver Shroud.
  • There’s a locked door in the south that you can open with the Office Key you found earlier. Kill the Radroach inside, then have a peek. There are Mentats and Stimpaks in the safe to your left, some ammo in the bag on your right, and a Silver Shroud Script sitting on the table by the monitor.
- Across from this last office is the stairs to the fourth floor. Up here is a studio set populated by the last of the Feral Ghouls, including a Glowing One. Pull them back to the stairs for a neat single-file killing zone. Once they’re gone you can explore this area for a steamer trunk full of goodies, a Grognak Costume that’s sitting in one of the lockers, a copy of Astoundingly Awesome Tales in one of the changing rooms, and, up on the stage, the Silver Shroud Costume you came here to find. (The Hat is separate.) 

Hancock, mayor of Goodneighbor in Fallout 4.
You've hit the big time as the Silver Shroud when he wants you.
The Silver Shroud

- Return to Kent with the Costume. He’ll hand over your reward for finding it, and then ask you to fill the role of the Silver Shroud in his place. (Push him for some extra and you’ll get two Stimpaks.) Agreeing to help will earn you the Silver Shroud Armor and the Silver Submachine Gun. Equip them both.

- Pull up your radio and tune to Silver Shroud Radio. You’ll hear about a problem in progress, and you’ll find the malefactor, Wayne Delancy, in a northeastern alleyway. You need to wear the Armor to fight him properly, but you can change weapons from the Submachine Gun if you find it too weak. (Which I most definitely did. Wayne is surprisingly tough.) After you’ve killed him, check his body in order to ‘Leave Calling Card’.

- Keep listening to Silver Shroud Radio to get your next assignment, which is down another alley, this behind Bobbi’s shop in the south of Goodneighbor. This time you’re facing three baddies, including one AJ. AJ will try to bribe you, and if you’re persuasive enough you can get him to pump his bribe up a fair bit. If you decide to kill him, back up quickly to avoid a hail of gunfire, and consider lobbing a grenade to wipe out all three guys at once. Leave a card on his body if you take AJ out.

- Next up is Kendra, an assassin in the Third Rail. Speak to Whitechapel Charlie, the robot behind the bar. He’ll ask for a bribe to set up a meeting with her; alternately, you can speak as the Shroud to learn the location of her apartment. She lives in the Water Street Apartments, a short trip south of Goodneighbor. It’s directly beneath the Fallen Skybridge on the map of the Commonwealth.

Water Street Apartments

- There are several Raiders in the first room on your right. You’ll be forced to take them on almost immediately. You can get the drop on these dudes if you get onto the section of road outside the Apartments and use the elevator to reach the first floor.

- There’s a set of stairs at the end of the main hallway. The stairs take you to a hallway where you’ll find a Turret and at least one Raider. Kendra’s room is at the end of the hall. Kendra will wait to talk, so she won’t interrupt your attack, but she will engage you once you chat. She’s quite powerful, but her head is unshielded, so several V.A.T.S. blasts from up close can take her down. Check her body for Contract: Shelly Tiller. Leave the card behind, as usual.

- Optional: Kill Shelly Tiller. Shelly is hanging out around the National Guard Training Yard, northeast a ways of Goodneighbor. You’ll find her in the Recruitment Office, on the second floor, and she won’t attack you until you start shooting. Once you’ve offed her, head back to Goodneighbor and you’ll find payment for the assassination (500 Bottlecaps!) in a tool case to the west of Goodneighbor. Your moral companions (Piper, Preston, Danse, and the like) will not like if you take this contract, so be careful who you bring along, if anyone.

-  Return to Goodneighbor and listen to the radio. (This won’t work until you’re back in Goodneighbor.) You’ll be sent to speak to Hancock, the mayor of Goodneighbor, in the Old State House. (If you’ve recruited Hancock he’ll still be here.) He’ll hire you to take out a pair of troublemakers, Smiling Kate and Northy, in northern Boston.

Smiling Kate

Smiling Kate is hanging out near Bunker Hill, a small, walled community north of Goodneighbor. Check the streets to the southwest of Bunker Hill to find her speaking to a large number of well-armed goons. She’s giving them a speech, and you can easily wipe out every single one of them by lobbing one or two well-aimed grenades. Be prepared for a fair gunfight if you do things the hard way.


Northy is located to the west of Smiling Kate’s location, and walking there from Bunker Hill will take you straight through Super Mutant territory. Use caution. Northy is penned up in the ruins of a building, and has a string of Bodyguards out front; you can easily snipe the guys from the small park across the street. Northy will run for his life if you get too close, and you can easily gun him down. Check his body for the Find the Silver Shroud Holotape.

- Listen to the Holotape. Turns out Kent has gotten in over his head. Return to the Memory Den and speak to Irma. She’ll tell you to listen to the radio. Let it play and you’ll be told to head to Milton General Hospital.

Milton General Hospital

- Milton General Hospital is located to the southwest of Goodneighbor, and it’s a fair trek there if you haven’t explored the south of the Commonwealth by now. There’s a lot of open terrain in-between, but you still need to be careful of powerful enemies in-between. The westbound path from Jamaica Plains and past Shaw High School is probably the safest route you can take, so long as you watch out for mines.

- Milton General Hospital itself is not guarded by anyone. What is guarded is Fallon’s Department Store, across the street, and the guards are Super Mutants. This is annoying enough in and of itself, but the number of Suiciders running around - three! - is enough to give anyone pause. If you don’t want to get in a potentially-apocalyptic battle, sneak up to the entrance from the east. The Super Mutants shouldn’t notice.

- (For the record, you may want to check out the parking structure across from the Hospital. It. Is. Freaky.)

- The lobby of the Hospital is empty, but if you go through the northern or southeastern doors you’ll find Raiders waiting. The southeastern door leads to a Raider, and, right beyond the door, a Laser Tripwire; the northern door leads to elevators. You don’t have much choice in the matter.

- North of the elevator on the lower floor is an Advanced locked door; inside you’ll find some odds and ends, including an Expert floor safe to open. To the south and on your right is a small, dangerous shooting gallery with a Turret, a Nurse Handy, and several Raiders. Unless you have Power Armor you’ll come under heavy fire from all sides, so stay near the door and use grenades or long-range weapons to push your way inside. There’s an elevator on the upper floor of this room.

- There’s a Raider and a Turret directly across from the elevator when you emerge; a quick grenade will wipe out both. Another Raider waits in a room on your right. Go through it to find a hole in the floor. Be careful entering the next hallway, as it contains a grenade-happy Raider and two Turrets. Another grenade from you will, at least, take out the Turrets. There are a number of side rooms in this hallway, but the only one of worth has an Advanced lock; inside, along with a mine, you’ll find a Short Syringer Rifle and some other items.

Sinjin, the big bad of The Silver Shroud in Fallout 4.
Dude has no love of comic book heroes.
- The path splits through the door to the east. The left door leads back to the entrance; the left leads to a dude you can easily Sneak Attack, as well as an elevator. The elevator takes you to Sinjin, the guy in charge of these baddies, and he has Kent held hostage. You will face a battle, but the nature of the battle changes depending on your decisions. You have multiple options for dealing with him:
Scare Sinjin’s men into abandoning him. If you do this they won’t join Sinjin in the impending battle. It’s a difficult check, but it makes the fight much easier.
  • Scare Sinjin’s men into abandoning him as the Silver Shroud. If you’re still wearing the costume you’ll succeed at the check regardless.
  • Convince Sinjin into killing you first. This is the only way to keep Sinjin from starting the battle with Kent as his target, and he’ll fight you normally. I highly recommend this if you want to keep Kent alive.
  • Ask Sinjin to spare Kent. Don’t do this. He’ll just kill Kent immediately, and you’ll have to fight anyway.
This fight is not that hard, especially if you persuaded Sinjin’s men to back off, but it’s a real pain to save Kent if you couldn’t convince Sinjin to target you instead. The best way to stop him from a distance is to target his head with your strongest weapon, via V.A.T.S., and hope you take him down in one or two shots. Kent can take a few hits before he dies. Barring that, get up onto Sinjin’s platform immediately and smack him with melee attacks or something that will make him stumble. Hopefully you brought along a companion to engage Sinjin’s men while you focus on taking him down, if they’re a part of the fight. You can leave a calling card on Sinjin after he goes down.

- Check the upper office in this final room for a steamer trunk full of ammo, then head back to Goodneighbor and speak to Hancock as the Shroud. He’ll give you a hefty reward of caps and the mission will end. If Kent survived you can convince him to keep up with his pet projects or let him give up; if you convince him to keep going he’ll periodically have upgrades for your Silver Shroud costume, and will announce that they’re ready over Silver Shroud Radio.