Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Combat Zone is located more or less in the heart of Boston, a trek to the east of Diamond City. You may find it on your own, but the chances are extremely good that you’ll hear about it just wandering around Diamond City, as the guards and the populace love talking about the place. The trip there is populated by Raiders, Super Mutants, and Feral Ghouls, so be ready for a fight along the way.

- The approach to the Combat Zone, which forces you to come at it from the south, is surrounded by Raiders. Once you step through the barricades they’ve set up around the entrance they’ll open fire, both from down low and up on fire escapes on adjacent buildings. Find cover and blast them back, or, if you see an opening, you can always just dash for the entrance and ignore the baddies. Note the Boylston Club on the north side of the Combat Zone cluster of buildings, abutting Boston Common.

- You’ll hear plenty of clamour inside the Combat Zone, but the only occupants of the small lobby are two tied-up dudes in the display case on your left. You can get at them by hacking an Advanced terminal, though they aren’t interested in talking. You can, however, find an Expert safe back here.

- The main area of the Combat Zone is a theatre, and though you won’t find anyone right by the door you’ll quickly run into some if you walk towards the forward viewing area, overlooking a large cage on the stage. As soon as you alert even one of the Raiders in here they will all turn on you and start shooting from all angles, and given the layout of the place that’s a lot of angles: they’re down on the floor, they’re by the cage, they’re in ramshackle huts on either side of the stage, they’re up on bridges, and they alllll like to move around. You have a few approaches:
  • The obvious way to clear the room is to just engage in a shootout. Melee attacks don’t work so well, given how spread out your enemies are, so find a place to take cover and use V.A.T.S. to take the Raiders out one-by-one. Move often to avoid getting hit by molotovs. If you lob explosives of your own, avoid throwing them towards the stage - there are two NPCs here not involved with the fight, and you don’t want to hurt them.
  • The easier way to conduct this is to stealth around the place. If you have a silenced gun you can very easily wipe out a bunch of Raiders before anyone notices. Start high - namely in the guard shacks - and work your way down. Check your corners often to make sure there isn’t another Raider watching you kill their peers. By the time your handiwork is noticed you should have a much easier time wasting these guys.
  • You could conceivably snipe guys from the upper seats, as well, and have plenty of places to hide - but it's difficult to get a good bead on people from here, and you'll get caught relatively quickly regardless of how you operate.

- Once you’ve cleared the space of Raiders - and there’s no way to do it besides murdering the lot - talk to Tommy, the dude in the cage. After a chat about what the Combat Zone was he’ll offer to give you the contract of his main fighter, a girl named Cait. Agree and she’ll join you as a companion. Tommy will also throw in 100 Bottlecaps worth of prize money.

- With the business of recruiting Cait done you can have a look around before you leave, though there’s not a hell of a lot to see:
  • You can find some Pre-War Money in Tommy’s small back office.
  • There’s some valuable Addictol sitting on the tables near the stage. Also sitting on these tables (the one nearest the bar, specifically) is a copy of Picket Fences.
  • There are some odds and ends in the Combat Zone’s many shacks, including a locked ammo box in the upper-right shack, above the kitchen, and Stimpaks in what appears to be a drug prep area near the entrance. You’ll also find Weapon and Armor Workbenches, as well as a Chemistry Station and two Cooking Stations.