Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Robotics Pioneer Park is located in the southwest of the Commonwealth, on the edge of the Glowing Sea. It’s a short trip southeast of the southwestern-most lake (Lake Cochituate, if you’ve already visited) and not too far north from Somerville Place, perhaps the most isolated settlement you can bring on-board with your other little colonies.

The Park is overrun by Feral Ghouls, but they’re too spread out to prove much of a threat. That said, the Park is quite close to the Scrap Palace, a small - but strong - Super Mutant base in these parts. If you move quietly you shouldn’t run afoul of the green nasties, but it’s pretty easy to draw them into a fight if you make noise or run around too much. This is particularly true if the Brotherhood of Steel decides to show up, and given that they seem to love raiding the Scrap Palace… yeah. Have fun! 

The Protectrons of Robotics Pioneer Park in Fallout 4.
Robot parade!
You’ll find the following at Robotics Pioneer Park:
  • There’s a shallow pond in the middle of the Park. It’s of little use in and of itself, but you may find it handy in a bit.
  • The southern shack, beside the show stage, contains four Protectrons. You can set them on a patrol around the Park via a Novice terminal, and they will help you in combat. Be careful fighting them if you decide to trash the lot for parts, as they can prove rather painful to low-level explorers. (Though you’re already rather ballsy if you came out here at a low level.)
  • There’s a hollowed-out shack in the southwest. Be careful approaching this one, as it’s home to a powerful Deathclaw. This Deathclaw will gleefully charge out and attack if you get too close, but it will not enter the water more than a few paces if you head that direction. You can avoid all of its attacks by simply wandering into the water and shooting at the Deathclaw from there. The shack contains a trunk full of goodies that you can pop open once the Deathclaw is dead.