Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Lake Cochituate is a small body of water in the southwest of the Commonwealth. It’s located beside the town of Natick Banks, and is the last watery area you’ll hit before you wander into the Glowing Sea. The chances are superb that you’ll find it because of the Glowing Sea, though that depends on your angle of approach.

The Lake is not the most exciting of areas. It does nevertheless have a few things nearby that you may want to check.
  • There are three houses in various states of disrepair on the east side of the Lake. None of them contain anything overly useful, though you’ll find several Raiders inside the middle house.
  • In the northeast of the Lake is a collection of ramshackle huts. It’s currently populated by several Mirelurks, both wandering around and dug into the ground. Kill them off and you can explore the huts. Most are useless, but the southeast shack (the one on poles) contains a trunk full of items and Robot Model Kit Parts.
  • If you explore beneath the highway to the east of the Lake you can find a small shrine. This shrine contains a Mirelurk Egg you can pick up as an item, but doing so will summon an angry Mirelurk King. You’re in a very small space, so back out quickly to fight the thing. If you can get the King inside the shrine it will be rather easy to kill, as it doesn’t seem to know how to get out very well.
  • The Mass Fusion Disposal Site is located in the southeast of the Lake. It’s a location in and of itself, but in all fairness it’s not much beyond a small base for Super Mutants. Kill them off and explore to find two ammo boxes, one large and one small, in their little tree house. There are more such boxes in the shack. The dumping ground itself is absolutely teeming with Rad buildup, so… maybe don’t dawdle here for too long.
  • There’s one last shack in the south of the Lake, a quick jaunt from the Dump Site. It contains… chems. Great. Beyond here you’ll start wandering into Glowing Sea territory.
  • There’s a road meandering south on the northwest side of the Lake. Follow it south towards the Glowing Sea and you’ll find some Power Armor sitting on the side of the road.
The Lake itself is, as far as I can tell, preeeeeetty much pointless. Dip into it as much as you like, but you won’t find a whole lot in its murky depths, for good or ill. Best to just jump to the west side of the Lake and explore Natck Banks, which is substantially more interesting.