Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
Images used for educational purposes only.

- The Capsized Factory is located in the Glowing Sea, in the southwest corner of the Commonwealth. It’s relatively close to the fringes of this deadly area, but it’s still subject to the usual hazards, namely hazardous amounts of radiation and deadly creatures. Proceed with caution. It’s a short walk northwest of the Crater of Atom, assuming you’ve been ‘round these parts before.

- The Capsized Factory has an apt enough name, as its smoke stacks have collapsed. It looks, for the most part, quite useless, and not much different from the rest of the Glowing Sea. That said, you can find a bit of the Factory’s outer wall poking out of the ground, and there’s a hole in the wall that will gain you access to the underground. (There’s another entrance you can use, but this one makes the Factory’s occupants a bit easier to manage.)

- You’ll find a set of stairs inside, and they’ll lead to a large factory floor that you can view from above. There are lots of Ghouls down here, and if you make noise they’ll start rushing for the stairs to get at you. There are lots of stairs for them to climb, however, and if you stand near the top of the stairs and stare at the Ghouls as they ascend they will move more slowly, as if they can’t take their eyes off you. This will give you lots of time to turn their approach into an easy killing field. Use explosives if they become too numerous.

- Once the Ghouls dry up you can more safely explore the lower floor. You’ll find the following:
  • There’s a door on your right at the bottom of the stairs. There’s nothing of value inside, but poking your nose in here will bring a Glowing One out of the ceiling. Deal with it accordingly.
  • More Ghouls will come to life when you approach the middle of the floor. Take it slow and slag them before they can get up.
  • There are two small containers / rooms down here. One has some RadAway; the other contains more of the stuff, some assorted chems, and an Advanced locked safe.

- Behind one of the aforementioned container-room-things is a set of stairs. Take them up to find a small storage room with more Rad Away, more boxes to loot, and an exit that will take you back outside, through the roof. Be prepared to fight some Radscorpions.