- OH! RPG! starts off in what seems to be the final battle of ultimate destiny. You’ll gain control of the main party, but they will quickly lose, so don’t worry about fighting too hard.

- After a few cut scenes you’ll gain control of Gobby, a Goblin with a sense of honour, as well as the remains of the heroic party: Harold, Therese, and Marsha. They are, however, useless in frontline combat, and Gobby will have to fight on his own most of the time. Gobby can take some hits, but he’s not invincible, so use caution while fighting. His Goblin Rush move is great for cutting down on enemy defences.

- Head east. Another cut scene will intervene, and you’ll have to battle a Dimension Serpent. After two rounds Gobby will gain the Blizzard spell, which calls Marsha into battle in an action known as a Hero Call. Guard for two turns after using Blizzard and Marsha will quickly demolish the Serpent. (You don't have methods for healing yourself, so you really don't have a choice but to call her.) You’ll gain an Energy Fragment and Serpent’s Venom for besting the beast.

- There’s a chest to the west that contains a Mega-Potion, two Gobby Potions, and three Energy Fragments; the Mega-Potion will immediately restore the rest of the party. Note that you can use Energy Fragments to upgrade the Gobby Potions, increasing the efficacy of a Potion greatly. You should do this when possible, as Gobby Potions are precious few right now and you need ever bit of health you can get. You can similarly use the Serpent’s Venom on Gobby’s Pickaxe to make it stronger, though you may want to hold on to it for now, as better weapons are forthcoming.

- You’ll hit another battle with a Stone Wachter to the north. You’ll gain Shield Break at the beginning of the fight, but as Therese points out, you’ll get a better ranking if you don’t call her to help out. Despite what Therese says, the best way to kill the Wachter is to use Crazy Dance on it once your TP builds up (which is just a matter of time), as it will inflict poison on the thing and drain its health. Guard and wait for it to die, healing when necessary. You’ll gain an Energy Fragment and a Dust of Darkness for winning.

- There’s a chest on your left that contains a Gobby Potion and a Spirit Shine. The Spirit Shine upgrades your Goblin Armor, making Gobby a bit tougher. Further north is another chest containing another Gobby Potion and an Energy Fragment, and to the east is another chest, this containing a Codpiece. The last will serve as an accessory for Gobby.

- The next battle to the east pits you against five Imps. You can either use Harold’s Sword Dance to wipe them all out or use Crazy Dance to gradually drain them of health. Crazy Dance combined with physical attacks works quite well. Once the Imps are gone, check the shelf on your left for an Energy Fragment.

- Continue through the next door and down the path. There’s a Gobby Potion and a Spirit Shine in an upcoming chest. Nothing will harangue you along this stretch.

- The music changes in the next area, and the path will split. If you go through the ‘shortcut’ you’ll find a chest containing two Energy Fragments and another Energy Fragment in the bookshelf. If you go the long route you’ll find another chest, near a glowing tablet, and another Energy Fragment inside. The shortcut is the only way past the Goblins that block sections of both routes.

- Pop out of the shortcut and you’ll see another on your left. Inside is a chest containing a Fire Axe, which still isn’t the best weapon, so hold off on upgrading. Head east through the corridors and, as you head north, you’ll find a chest containing a Gobby Potion. The path winds south from here, and you’ll find another Gobby Potion hidden inside the stone gargoyle statue along the way.

- The path splits ahead; go north, through the swirling green doorway that only Gobby can pass. (Hence, no Hero Call. Bummer.) The door in the north leads to more hallways. There’s a chest containing a Gobby Potion and an Energy Fragment on your right, and you can find a second chest to the east when the path splits again. This one contains a Morning Star. It’s not as strong as the Fire Axe, but it hits three times rather than once, making it much better.

- To the north is a battle against two simple Dark Rats, and the Morning Star should take them out in one turn, maybe two if you’re unlucky. You can also use Bomb Toss, if you learned the skill at level 47, though it's less effective overall. They'll drop two Spirit Shines and a an Energy Fragment. North of the Rats is a chest containing a Gobby Potion; to the to the east and the north is the room of the General you keep hearing about. A chests in here contains a Gobby Potion, and to the north you’ll find three Cloaks shining on the ground. Then, when you try to leave…

The General in OH! RPG!'s Evil Castle.
He's the first real boss you'll ever face. Ooooo.

The General is the first real ‘boss’, and he’s tough enough to live up to the name. He deals in fairly basic attacks, but they will inflict enough damage to cut down your health relatively quickly. You can deal with this battle in one of two ways, per usual: 
  • The first is to call up Lucius, who possesses two spells: Perfect Heal, which fully restores you in a pinch, and Divine Punishment, which can annihilate the General in two hits. So easy.
  • The alternative is to fight him yourself, which is no cake walk, as he can avoid your attacks and inflict mass amounts of damage on you. The Fire Axe is overall more effective than the Morning Star since it is fire-elemental and will inflict more pain, and you can boost the damage by using Goblin Rush on him to lower his defence.
You’ll gain a Spirit Shine and Serpent’s Venom for besting the General, regardless of which route you take.

- After the General dies… again… you’ll be shunted back to the heroes. Head south through the next shortcut and take a left at the next split. (There’s nothing to the right.) The exit is the shining spot in the south, but if you check the shortcut to the west you can find a Dark Jewel, and if you head north you’ll find a chest containing Serpent’s Venom. You can now walk past the Goblins that were blocking you earlier, but… meh…


- The path meanders along the roof of the Evil Castle here, and eventually you’ll hit a split. The path out of here is to the east, but you can optionally head north and into the first door you see. We’ll try to the north first.

Side Quest - The Cloak

Going north will take you to a little Goblin flophouse where you can find an Energy Fragment in the bookcase, as well as the final Cloak. You’ll need to fight a Goblin to get it, and this thing is basically Gobby with more health. Hero Call can slaughter it easily, though Gobby himself won’t have too difficult a time so long as you have an upgraded Gobby Potion or two on hand. 

Check the ladder in the rear of the room to find a Dragon Axe on the roof. It’s much stronger than any weapon you’ve found so far, but you can only hit once with it, where the Morning Star can still hit three times. As far as bosses go, however, you want to upgrade the Dragon Axe over the Morning Star.

- You’ll wind up back in the Evil Castle when you head east. If you head down the stairs to the east you’ll find a cut scene, and once it’s done you can retrieve three Energy Fragments from the ground. Return to the Evil Castle, head north, and check the small gap in the wall on your right.

- Now you’re in the Tower, and you’ll come out beside a chest containing a Gobby Potion. Climb the Tower and you’ll find a Spirit Shine, an Energy Fragment, Sturdy Chainmail, and a Gobby Potion on your way to the top. Once you reach the Rooftop again Gobby will split up with the team. You’ll run into a vicious new opponent up here.

The Orc of Evil Castle in OH! RPG!.
He's the first difficult boss you'll fight. Oooo.

Isn’t he just a biggun. The Orc has strong physical attacks, and they get boosted when he uses Rage - though at the same time Rage will drop his defences, making him an easier target. Nevertheless, his Club Pummel attack can do over one thousand health, which is enough to drop a weakened Gobby, and when he gets weak enough the Orc can use a lightning attack to do over two thousand damage. Ow. Your options:
  • If you try Hero Call you can bring in either Harold for a Victorious Slash or Marsha for a Tornado. Marsha is the better choice, as Tornado will blow the Orc off of the Rooftop in one hit and win the day for you.
  • If you go it alone Gobby will have a much, much easier time with either the Fire or Dragon Axe, as both inflict fire damage and do extra damage to the Orc (preferably the much stronger Dragon Axe, but that’s your call). Use Crazy Dance as early as possible to hopefully inflict poison on the Orc, then batter him as your health allows. If Gobby drops below 1,600 HP or so, use a Gobby Potion to bring him back up. 
You’ll gain an Energy Fragment and a Dust of Darkness for besting the Orc.

- Go through the door the Orc was blocking and you’ll ascend into the Sewers. At the bottom of the rope is a Rat’s Claw, which is perhaps a sign of impending Rats. You’ll find a battle waiting to the south with two Dark Rats and a more powerful Sewer Rat; Crazy Dance is a shoe-in spell for a painless victory, as is Bomb Toss. Take too much damage in all this and you’ll gain the Prayer spell.

- Head east and you’ll find a chest containing a Gobby Potion. There’s another Sewer / Dark Rat combo further east, and, if you want an easier time, you can head south and face off against two Dark Rats, without their more powerful brethren. This southern path leads to a Gobby Potion. (Also a dead end. Yep, gotta go back north.) You’ll find the exit in the east, and approaching it will end the chapter.

User Rank

Upon leaving Evil Castle you’ll be scored based on your overall performance. Experience and wealth gained play a role, but your score ultimately hinges on two factors: how many times you called in help from the other heroes and whether or not you fetched the fourth Cloak. If you performed the Side Quest, killed as many enemies as possible, and avoided using the heroes at all, you’ll maximize your score. This will net you... something. I honestly don't know what just yet, but dammit, you get something.

Part Two: Abandoned Village

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