Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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South Boston Military Checkpoint is located near Boston’s waterfront, in the southeast of the Commonwealth. It’s on the fringes of the city, and if you’ve been completing quests for the Minutemen you’ll find it a relatively short jaunt west of the Castle. Beware of Raiders and Super Mutants along the way.

The Checkpoint is relatively small, and consists of a small smattering of buildings. They’re defended from the central bunker by a smattering of Gunners. They’re not amazingly strong combatants, but you may find the bunker getting in the way of your efforts. Given the size of the bunker - which is to say, not very big - you may find it easiest to lob grenades through the windows. At the very least this will drive the Gunners out of the bunker and into your line of fire.

It’s worth noting that although the Military Checkpoint on its own is fairly tame, the location is very close to Big John’s Salvage, which is home to a large number of Raiders and Super Mutants. Given that the Brotherhood of Steel seems to enjoy showing up and attacking over there once the Prydwen appears, you may stumble into a sizeable war zone. Be cautious.

Once the Gunners are out of your way you’ll find the following at the Military Checkpoint:
  • There’s a decent stockpile of ammo inside various containers within the bunker. You can also find a copy of Guns & Bullets within the bunker, sitting on a side table. Check the rear of the bunker for a Master level wall safe. A terminal in here will be your target if you’re performing a Learning Curve quest for Proctor Quinlan.
  • The bunker has a small side enclosure, locked by an Expert level terminal. Get it open and you’ll find a set of Power Armor waiting. It’s a complete set, with a Fusion Core included. Score!
  • Last on the list is a trailer off to one side of the bunker. There are a few items inside. Pretty underwhelming, compared to what you just found, but there you go.
  • Before you take off, check out the underside of the nearby highway to the east. There's a fenced-off area in the shadow of the highway that contains a number of generators. One of the generators still carries a Fusion Core.