Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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Prerequisites: Complete Tour of Duty
Trigger: Speak to Proctor Quinlan
Reward: 100 Bottlecaps, 300 XP

You’ll receive this quest after finishing up your initial tour of the Prydwen, which includes speaking to Proctor Quinlan for the first time. Once you’ve spoken to each of the heads of the Brotherhood of Steel, return to Quinlan and ask him about assisting in a patrol to trigger the quest.

Learning Curve is a recurring quest, and you can complete it as many times as you like. Each time you trigger the quest Quinlan will send you down to Boston Airport to meet with a Scribe. The Scribe will ask you to escort them to a random location and keep them safe while they look for technical data in one of the location’s terminals. Pretty simple, really. Here are some tips for getting the job done:
  • Wear Power Armor. In my experience enemies are more likely to attack people in Power Armor first, if only because you’re a louder, more visible target.
  • You'll probably do this anyway, but try to fast travel to the closest possible location to your target as possible. Unlike most NPCs, Scribes are fully vulnerable to damage and will die if hurt too many times. Minimize the amount of exposure to danger.
  • Try to fight in doorways. This will prevent enemies from flanking you and shooting at the Scribe.
  • Don’t rely on the Scribe for firepower. Scribes will fight back if attacked, and are okay at taking down weaker enemies, but they can’t take much damage. You should ideally be dishing out the majority of the pain. 
  • If you're struggling to do damage, bring a companion. They can also act as a sponge, taking some of the attention away from the Scribe.
Return to Quinlan after collecting the data to earn your reward. It’s worth mentioning that you will receive experience and caps - the full amounts, no less - even if the Scribe dies, and Quinlan will continue to give you Learning Curve missions if asked. Consequently, you can collect your Scribe, take them somewhere remote, kill them, and then return to Quinlan for your reward. This is much quicker than if you performed your mission properly. Weird, amirite? (I bet this will get patched in the future.)

There are multiple locations where you may be sent to complete Learning Curve. They include: