Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios.
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- Sandy Coves Convalescent Home is located in the far northeast of the Commonwealth, in the small, seaside town of Salem. You’ll find it on the western side of town. Salem itself has a sizeable population of Mirelurks, but you shouldn’t run into many of them unless you visit a home in the north and trigger a small quest.

- Sandy Coves is owned and operated by a cadre of Mister Handy robots. Speak to the attendant up front and you can convince him you’re checking in; this will get you Gladys’s Room Key. Not too difficult a check overall. He won’t stop you from looking around either way.

- Near the attendant is a book return terminal where you can hand in Overdue Books in exchange for Book Return Tokens; you can then spend these Tokens for a selection of items. Everything in this machine firmly falls into the ‘Junk’ category. Beside this machine is a Novice locked door; open it to find a skeleton surrounded by several Stimpaks.

- Get behind the front desk and you’ll find a Novice terminal. Hack through and you’ll find entries for the residents, including their safe keys. These keys open the locked safes to the side of the terminal. Note the hiding locations for later. You can also use this terminal to open a security door to your right; inside you’ll find, among other things, a Short Syringe Rifle and a Massachusetts Surgical Journal.

- The kitchen is near the safes. A Radroach is hiding in here; smack it down. Other than some Blood Packs there’s not much to see. The cafeteria behind it is roughly the same level of boring.

- Try to check out the other rooms on the ground floor and a squad of Synths will appear at the front door, forcing a fight. It’s a packed space, so hurling an explosive or two should make fairly short work of them. Note that you can also flank them by sweeping back into the kitchen and around the front desk, which is a bit better than fighting in the hallway.

Sandy Coves Convalescent Home in Fallout 4.
These poor, deceased folks seem to have been stoned 24/7.
- You can now explore the rooms for the safe keys with more freedom. We’ll start on the first floor and move back. In this order:
  • Mortimer’s Safe Key is in the first room, with all the model boats. It’s sitting on a rowboat on the shelf. His safe contains some normal medical supplies.
  • The next two rooms are empty, but you need to use them to get to the other end of the ground hallway.
  • Margaret’s Safe Key is in the fourth room, the one full of plants. It’s under several Bags of Fertilizer beside her dresser. Her safe contains some drugs. Yay, drugs!
  • Edward’s Safe Key is in the fifth room (ignoring the one with the ramp), the one with yellow walls. The Key is behind the Typewriter on the desk. His safe contains yet more drugs.
  • Now for the second floor. You can find several stairwells and forced ramps to get up here. We’ll start, again, from the front of the Home, and work our way down the hallways.
  • The first room off of the commons area on the second floor is a games room. Not much to see… though there are lots of board games, if you were looking for some nerdier decorations for your settlements. Blast Radius Board Games can be broken down into Nuclear Material, if nothing else.
  • Randall’s Safe Key is in the second room, with Mirelurk claws on the wall. It’s under his pillow. His safe contains… man, these people were druggies. Well, the meds are nice…
  • Ethel’s Safe Key is in the fourth room, which, from here, you can reach by walking through the hole in Randall’s room. The Key is in the tray on the floor, beside the painting. The safe… oi. Drugs. Drugs!
  • Catherine’s Key is in the sixth room, the one with an obvious cat theme, at the end of the hall. It’s under the feeding bowls on the ground by the bed. By now you can probably guess that her safe has a number of drugs inside. Addicts should not come here.
  • Last up at the end of the hall is Gladys’s room. Gladys appears to have been quite a trooper, and you can find a lovely cache of ammo in her steamer trunk.
That’s all. As a parting note, if you want some more swag, feel free to trash the Mister Handy robots patrolling this mausoleum. They drop some nice loot, and in a way you’re kinda putting them out of their misguided misery. Right? Yep.