The Sewers
- (Assuming you’ve hit level six, which you probably have by this point, go speak with Corvus. He’ll teach you how to use Defensive Counters, which are quite handy if used strategically… and can be an absolute lifesaver if you’re ever down to a single character.)
- After completing Sadie’s quest, collecting a password, and gathering the pieces for the Wizard costume, head west through the Sewers, past Shady. There’s a darkened path that you can only bypass with the Wizard’s Glowstick on hand.
- On the other side you’ll find another speakeasy. Talk to its proprietor, Blob, and he’ll give you a new quest, Blob’s Speakeasy Deliveries. You’re now doing pretty much the same thing you did for Sadie, only in a different location. Sounds like fun. Leave the speakeasy, talk to the monster on the left for the Creepy Cryptid quest, and go up the ladder.
Repugia (East Side)
- You’ll come up near a Repugian. Speak to him as Jefferson to receive the I Want My Mummy quest, then blow away the trash piles behind him to find the Pharoah costume pattern. A girl to the left is part of the Hide N’ Seek quest for the area, as well, and you’ll find a house back here for Trick-or-Treating. It’s one of the friendlies.
- Return to the manhole and head southwest along the street. There’s a dangerous house on your immediate left, and if you go down two houses you’ll find a stubborn monster who won’t move away from a building. Jefferson him away from the entrance and you can find a path up to a chest containing a Black Scarf. (There’s more up here, but we need another costume first.)
- Back on street level, check due south to find a save fountain, then check the tooth-shaped building for a pinata and claw marks, part of the Creepy Cryptid quest. Next door is a dangerous Trick-or-Treat home.
- There’s a turn in the street next to the save point, and if you blow away the refuse on the turn you’ll find a path back to a disgruntled Repugian, a Depraved Mole battle, and a chest containing Flip Flops.
- Back to the street. Continue southeast to find another house on the side of the road, this one safe. There’s another turn ahead, and to the northeast on the left side of the street you’ll find yet another house. It’s quite safe. Beside it is a monster who can be convinced to move via Jefferson, and if you enter the building from the rear you’ll be whisked up to a pinata and a chest. The chest contains a Gold Hanger, completing the Pharoah costume. Woot. You can use the costume to slide down the nearby wire and return to the first half of the street… though by doing so, you’ll miss out on a dangerous house. Which, I suppose, is no big deal, amirite?
- Return to the apartment where you found the Black Scarf and climb to the top floor, scaring away the birds blocking your path as the Clown. You’ll find a wire to slide down as the Pharoah, at the end of which you’ll find a chest containing a Happy Heads card.
- Back belowground. Speak to Blob in his speakeasy. He won’t have the details you need, but he can send you to someone who does. Speaking to him will complete his quest and earn you a solid 4,000 XP. Not bad - and with the Pharoah costume, you can now cross the zipline to the left of Blob’s speakeasy and access the final section of the Sewers.