- You’re now standing outside the Tooth Academy, and can move about at will. Start by looking to the right side of the entrance. There’s a girl over here who will give you the Dystopia Hide n’ Seek quest, which is functionally identical to the Hide n’ Seek quest back in Backwater Bayou (though a bit trickier overall). You’ll need to wear the Pterodactyl costume to get at her, as she’s hiding behind a heap of leaves.
- There’s nothing else to see at the Tooth Academy, so check down the stairs to the left of the entrance. Blow away the obvious pile of leaves and you’ll find a manhole leading to the next area, The Sewers.
The Sewers
- As soon as you get down here you’ll find Shady standing to your left. Purchase as many Maps as you need, get any upgrades you can afford, and grab any cards that catch your fancy. I like Tin Foil Chews, personally, if you don’t have the Clown on your team.
- To the right of the entrance is… Monty! How about that. Continue right from here and you’ll find a guarded room. Speak to the man outside to get the password, then step inside. On the right is a woman named Sadie who has information you need. Strap on the Jefferson costume and use a dose of diplomacy to earn her trust, and trigger a new quest in the process.
Quest - Sadie’s Speakeasy Deliveries
Old Auburn Pines
- Return to Monty, then go south and take a left. You’ll find stairs leading up to Old Auburn Pines, your former neighbourhood. This area is patrolled by a variety of dental robots and guards which are quite powerful in packs; someone defending with Candy Corn isn’t a bad idea. You’ll also get good use out of the Pterodactyl costume against most of the enemies. Try to take out Grubbin Maguses first, as their propensity for setting your characters on fire is really annoying. If you start to weaken, you’ll find a save point in a small park by heading southwest along the street.
- Check the nearest house to start. The girl out front will give you the Wizard costume pattern if you speak to her, and tell you to go looking for the other pieces. This triggers the Game of Drones quest. The house she’s standing beside belongs to Everett, and if you pop inside you’ll find your trainer, Corvus, waiting in the back yard as always.
- Next door you’ll find a safe Trick-or-Treat house. If you blow through the leaves protecting the back yard you’ll find a durable (but fairly straightforward) Savage Snail waiting, and beside it a chest containing a Robe, part of the Wizard costume. Sweet.
- Cross the street. The home here is safe… but the next one down is not.
- Head to the intersection near the park. A girl beside the park will give you a Licky Pops card in exchange for a Rice Creepies card. In the park is a dude named Baron, who may sound familiar, as he asked you for 200 Candies in Backwater Bayou. Speak to him if you forked over the goods and he’ll give you 1,000 Candies’ worth of repayment. Sweet. Last, check the bottom corner of the park to find a kid in a top hat, one of the Hide n’ Seek bunch.
- There’s nothing to see down the southern street (not from this angle, anyway), so head northwest. There’s a Dental Drone on your left that’s guarding a ramp. Take it out, then zip up the ramp. It leads around and down, past plenty of opportunities for collecting Candy, to a chest that contains Cotton Balls. Two ramps will lead you back to the street.
- Return to the northwest and check out the right side of the street. The first house is safe; the second house is unsafe, but it at least has a pinata in the back yard that a Pterodactyl can access.
- Almost done. Now for the other side. The left house has enemies waiting inside, while the right house is safe. If you poke around the rear of the right house you’ll find a Dental Drone, and once it’s out of the way you can get to a pinata and a chest in the back yard. The chest contains a Glowstick, the last piece of the Wizard costume. Huzzah!
- Return to the Sewers and speak with Sadie after visiting the four ‘safe’ houses. You’ll finish the quest, receive 2,000 XP, and learn the password needed for the next speakeasy in line - and you’ll find it through the darkened Sewers, which, thanks to your Wizard costume, you no longer need fear.