The Witches’ Bog
- After Li’l Bones deserts your party you’ll be on the shores of The Witches’ Bog, a rather foreboding locale. The woods immediately ahead are home to several roving Kronies; destroy or avoid them as you see fit. There’s a save point in roughly the middle of this area if you take too much damage in battle and need to heal (a very real possibility, as these battles are almost always three-on-three).
- Make your way to the east. Here you’ll find a small family of what appear to be gypsies. (Including some familiar faces, albeit miniaturized.) Speak to everyone in the family to trigger a cut scene. A boss battle ensues!
Your first boss battle! Kronoculus is more difficult than he seems at first glance, mainly because you don’t get a good sense of everything he can do until partway through the battle. Initially Kronoculus will use only two attacks: either he’ll hit you normally, or he’ll use Time Freeze to temporarily incapacitate one of your characters. The latter attack is more annoying, but it only lasts two rounds, and is hardly debilitating. Your Superhero and Clown costumes will do additional damage to the mechanical Kronoculus, and so long as you changed your third party member to a Pterodactyl (or, really, anything other than Candy Corn) you shouldn’t have difficulty whittling down his HP.
The real trouble comes when Kronoculus gets low on HP. When this happens he’ll go into defensive mode, summoning a Krony to support him and a Clock. The Clock, if given several rounds, will completely restore Kronoculus’ HP. Ignore the other two targets and focus your all on the Clock, doing your best to eradicate its 150 HP as quickly as possible. It’s best to save special abilities for this stage of the fight, particularly your Superhero’s Sweet Justice. Anything that hits multiple targets at once is nice. Take out the Clock and Kronoculus will not be able to restore himself. Fail to take out the Clock, and… well… time to start over? You cannot kill Kronoculus while the Clock remains, so don’t even try. If you’ve been holding any cards that will amplify or redirect damage, this is the time to use ‘em.
- Beating Kronoculus will end this little sequence, but it won’t end your stay on the island - assuming you haven’t finished looking around yet. Once you’ve saved in the aftermath of the battle, look along the northern shore of The Witches’ Bog. You’ll see what appears to be a chubby bat decoration, and when you approach you’ll be forced into a fight with a Depraved Mole. Not a difficult fight by any stretch of the imagination. (The bat is a pinata.)
- Return to the boat and head back to the French Quarter, then to the Lower Bayou. Upon arrival at the beginning of the Bayou you’ll hit a cut scene, and it’s back to the Future. (Also, no more Monty. Boo.)
The Tooth Academy - The Future
- You start off in a classroom. Answer a few questions when prompted, then leave the class. Wander down to the end of the hall and check out the second classroom on the left. After a lengthy cut scene, a new party member, Halley, will join your party. She’s… functionally identical to Monty, so… yay replacements!
- Keep raising hands until the teacher leaves. You’ll receive the Jefferson costume pattern, but none of the parts. Better start looking around. Begin with the classroom to the right in the hall - if you check the teacher’s desk you’ll find a Powdered Wig. Look in the classroom down the hall and to the left and you’ll find Buckle Shoes in another desk.
- Go down the stairs at the end of the hall. You’ll find a Cravat in the desk of the first classroom on your right, completing the Jefferson costume. Save one classroom south of here, then use this costume’s innate sense of diplomacy to get the janitor by the stairs to move out of the way. You’ll find your stuff in the closet past this point. Head south and out of the Academy once that’s done, and…
Principal BoJimm
BoJimm is basically just a really tough normal enemy. He only has one attack, a physical strike… but he also has 1,250 HP. That’s a lot of health to chew up. This is only a difficult fight if you go in with no way to heal yourself, as it’s going to take a while regardless of your costume choices. It’s highly recommended you bring in a Clown to fight BoJimm. Otherwise he’ll slowly pick off your characters, and if you have one too many poor hits, he might just outlast you. Cards that help your side are recommended, as are status ailments (such as weakened, caused by the Pterodactyl’s Terrordactyl).
- Defeating BoJimm will allow you to flee the Tooth Academy, and head out into the world of tomorrow. Oooo, the Future.