Costume Quest 2 Walkthrough, Part Three: Backwater Bayou - French Quarter

Quest - Witch Hunt
- A much fancier place than the Lower Bayou, the French Quarter is alive with partygoers enjoying the madness of Halloween. Start off by checking the save point to your right (there’s a boy for the Bayou Hide n’ Seek quest here), then down the street to your left. Shady’s here, and this time he’s selling a French Quarter Map and an assortment of cards.
- The first building on the corner of the street can be entered. Wind through the doorways to the top of the house to find a Hide N' Seek kid at the top. There's also a zipline here, though you can't do anything about it yet.
- Head north along the street. The first house on your left is a Trick-or-Treat house for Witch Hunt, and it contains a battle. There’s a shrimp cart on your left when you continue north, and behind it are two more Trick-or-Treat houses. The left is unsafe; the right provides Candy. Note that you’ll start running into Krony Anachronists in the French Quarter, and these guys will provide healing to themselves and other Kronies. Take them out first in battle.
- Head north, to the end of the street. In the top-right corner of the French Quarter is another of the Hide n’ Seek kids, waiting in an alley. There are two more houses to check to the left and right of this alley; both are safe. There’s an open doorway next to the left house, and if you go through you’ll jump up to the second floor of the building. Head right, use your Clown costume’s horn to get rid of the pigeons on the ladder ahead, and go through the next door to reach a pinata.
- Also near the alley is a quartet of musicians. Speak to the girl playing the fiddle to receive the Music Cred quest. You’ll need to swap over to your Clown costume for this one. Near the musicians is the entrance to a building that’s blocked by trash bags; bash your way through ‘em, then circle from door to door until you reach the roof. Up here you’ll find a chest containing Paper Mache. Assuming you’ve picked up the other three items necessary (Dino Slippers, Pterodactyl costume pattern, and Greenish Yellow Fabric) you’ll now have the Pterodactyl costume. You can use this to whip up small wind storms and blow away piles of leaves.
- (Drop onto the red roof to your right from here to find a pinata, as well. Woot.)
- To the right of the musicians you’ll find the final house for Witch Hunt, and this one is dangerous. Assuming this is your last house, a kid with braces (does he look vaguely familiar somehow?) will rush up and steal your hard-earned candy. Blast it!
- Head north from where you’re deposited, outside the French Quarter, and you’ll see the kid flee to a house… and use leaves to cover his tracks. Drat. You’ll have to find a way in - and since you should have the Pterodactyl outfit, you can manage this by blowing away the leaves in front of his house. In case you don’t, a reminder:
  • The Dino Slippers are behind the far-left home in the first cluster of Trick-or-Treat houses back in Lower Bayou
  • You can win the Pterodactyl design from the kid in the devil costume to the south of the French Quarter by speaking to him in the Clown costume
  • The Greenish Yellow Fabric is behind a sleeping croc to the right of the devil kid; you can scare it away with your Clown Horn
  • The Paper Mache is in a chest atop the white-and-purple building on the far right side of the French Quarter
- After approaching the house and watching a somewhat alarming cut scene, head back to the French Quarter. You’ll find Li’l Bones waiting on the docks, a short ways east of the two living statues. Hand over the candy and he’ll… well, he’ll break his stupid boat. Sigh.
- Head to the faaaaaar right end of the French Quarter. There’s a mechanic out here who will repair the boat… for Fifty Bucks. Ouch. Getting the money requires completing two quests, Music Cred and Jazz Moneywhich are detailed in this article. (Basically, dress up as a Clown, drive tourists to the musicians near the fountain, play really well, then play for the main musician in the jazz club near the mechanic.) All said and done, you’ll receive an Oar. What a jerk.
- Head back to Li’l Bones. Oar in hand, he’ll steer you to your next destination: The Witches’ Bog.


  1. i would tell the boat mechanic to fuck off

  2. I need the fucking teradactall costume