The Sewers
- After completing Blob’s quest, put on your Pharoah costume and slide across the zipline to the left. Upon arrival you’ll see a set of stairs, and if you duck under the stairs you can find a Hide N’ Seek kid.
- Go through the door on your left. Use the save point if you wish, then speak to the Repugiarch Elder (he kinda stands out from the rest). Speak to him as Jefferson to persuade him to help you out… though, as ever, you need to go fetch some candy for him first. Nobody in this game is nice just for the sake of being nice, I swear…
- Leave the speakeasy and go up the stairs outside. They lead to a new section of the city above.
New Repugia, Downtown
Elite Speakeasy Deliveries
- Best do what you do best, though before you go anywhere, look directly north. Shady’s waiting with some upgrades and cards, right beside a dark alley. Because of course he is.
- Start by looking up the street to the northeast. You can’t go far, but you’ll find the first house… and, of course, it’s dangerous. Tackle or ignore it as you see fit.
- Enter the building to the right of the manhole called the Grubbin Grotto. At the top you’ll find the Grubbin Elder, who will give you the Let’s Make a Deal quest. Return to the street. (If you want you can save this for later, as you’ll have to come back here in a bit to continue the quest.)
- Head southeast along the street, past a rather fashionable storefront. (Fancy Pants?) There are two Trick-or-Treat doors; the first is safe, the second is not. Ahead is a large square, and you’ll find a save point to the north, along the side of the left wall.
- There are three fist statues in the south of this square. Look behind the rightmost fist to find one of the Hide N’ Seek kids. You can also find your class from the Tooth Academy lingering here, though they’re not terribly interesting.
- Head back to Grubbin Grotto. Look to the bottom-right corner of the roof to find stairs. The path ahead splits three ways; start by blowing a Clown Horn to get through the pigeons on the right. You’ll find a pinata beyond. Return the way you came and go down the stairs to find a safe house, then bash through the trash bags at the base of the stairs to find a ledge leading to a chest. The chest contains a Candy Teeth card.
- Return to the split in the path and go southwest, through the glowing blue tube. It will lead you across the street to an adjacent building, where you’ll find a save point waiting. The path splits again here; start by going down the ramp on the left and dropping by another house. This one is not safe. Go up the stairs beside the house and go through the next blue tube; on the other side, behind some air conditioning units, you’ll find the last (assuming you’ve found them in order) Hide N’ Seek kid for the Future.
- To the southwest of the Hide N’ Seek kid is a small gap in the concrete. Drop down and look to your right for a chest containing a Schafer’s Wafers card, then ride the zipline to the left to find a doorway. It leads back to the upper level, where you’ll find stairs waiting.
- Go through the upper entrance and you’ll find a zipline leading to an adjacent balcony. Here you’ll find the Crestwailer Elder. He won’t be happy - but if you speak to him as Jefferson, he’ll give you a counter proposal to take elsewhere. Sigh…
- Head northeast from the Crestwailer to find stairs. Go down ‘em to find a fantastic dance floor. Speak to the Trowbog Elder here, then speak to him again as a Clown. Toot your horn a few times and he’ll hand over a contract.
- Before returning to the Crestwailer, head east from the Trowbog Elder. You’ll find a pathway leading to a save point and another (safe) apartment, and if you slip behind the edge of the building you’ll find a path up to the roof. You can Clown your way across a bird-covered ladder up here to drop down near a pinata, which, in turn, takes you more or less back to the Crestwailer. Speak to him to continue the quest.
- That done, go through the door near the Crestwailer, the one surrounded by lights. It will take you up to a zipline which will end you back to earlier sections of the rooftops. Return to the Grubbin Elder and speak to him to complete the quest, as well as earn 6,000 XP. Nice.
- Return to the Sewers after visiting the houses and taking care of the Grubbin’s work. You’ll receive 1,000 XP and the key you need to access the next area from the Repugiarch Elder. Save, then head through the marked door just outside the speakeasy, below the ladder leading topside. Boss fight!
This battle is only difficult if you haven’t mastered countering. Ophirion is basically a tutorial for this combat tactic: he uses only normal, physical attacks, and he basically tells you who he’s going to attack next before he does it. Time your counters appropriately (you have a few seconds to hold down the button before he comes at you) and you’ll not only limit his damage and deal plenty back, but you’ll smash his armour and cut down his offensive capabilities. Do this enough times and he’s toast. Barring counters, you can beat him normally - but you’ll definitely want a healer on board to stave off the damage he inflicts. His hits are quite painful.
- As for what happens next... well... captured. Did you expect any less?