Dental Compound
- After a bit of a cut scene you’ll wind up imprisoned in, uh, dental jail? Something like that. Escape is easy enough: don your Pterodactyl costume, blow away the debris against the wall, and smack the wall to find a hole.
- Put on your Wizard outfit and wander through the darkness with a lit Glowstick. Eventually you’ll find a ladder with a note from Corvus, and receive the Ghost costume pattern. Climb the ladder.
- You’re now in the Dental Compound. Start by looking for the pieces to the Ghost costume:
  • The first, a Sheet, is down and to the right of the central fountain.
  • The second, Tech Cloth, is down and to the left of the central fountain. You’ll need to blow away a leaf pile.
  • The third, Scissors, is located in the bottom-right corner of the area, behind some hedges. To reach it you need to drop down from the upper path just to the north of the treasure chest. You’ll find a gap in the bushes where you can fall through.
- Time to look around a bit. In the south of this area you’ll find a save point, and to the right of it you’ll find a kid. He’ll give you a Tongue Ties card for a Smoochy card. To the left of the save point you’ll find Shady, and all the way left is another penned-in hedge area. Use the Pterodactyl to get through; you’ll find a pinata hanging from the topiary, as well as a Hide N’ Seek child. Speak to him to trigger Dental Compound Trespassers.
- Return to the central fountain, then check the outer ring of hedges to your right. Blow through some leaves to find a King Size Fun Size Bar card in a chest.
- Climb up onto the road to the left of the central fountain, then up the stairs in the west. Walk south along the outer wall to find a gap in the ramparts. Drop through it to reach a chest containing a Fling-a-Lings card.
- After dropping down to ground level you’ll be near a building labelled Security. Use the Ghost costume to pass through the lasers out front. Defeat the guard at the computer console inside, then bash the screen to release Lucy and Everett. Be ready to fight when you do, as you’re about to get into an unexpected boss battle.
Although he’s technically a boss, Kronoculus is a pushover. He doesn’t even hit as hard as normal enemies, and he’s lost his timepiece advantage from the last fight. Use normal attacks to beat him down. Don’t even bother using special abilities - better you save them up for coming battles that are worth the effort.
- You’ll be shot outside after the battle, but step back into the Security building for a moment. You’ll find a Hide N’ Seek kid in the fourth cell, and you can use the building to get to the Sewers, New Repugia, and any other old areas you’d like to revisit beside the Past. If you’ve reached level nine it’s a good idea to revisit Corvus right now, as he’ll give you the Special Meter Mod. All special abilities will build up much more quickly as a consequence. Woot.
- Back outside, start making your way to the east. You can easily bop the guards blocking the way from behind to give yourself an advantage as long as you approach them all from behind. Eventually you’ll find your way to the Research building in the east, and after a cut scene you’ll jump inside.
- (Before exploring, leave the Research building and enter through the rear door, to your right. You’ll find another Hide N’ Seek kid here, and if you climb the stairs you’ll find your way to the upper wall in the courtyard. Nearby you’ll find a pinata. Back on the ground, if you walk south along the eastern road and check the left side of the barricade you'll find the last Hide N' Seek kid.)
- The enemies are different in here, but they’re probably a little less difficult than the fare found outside. (Make sure you go after the Chemists first, though. Their healing abilities are really annoying.) Start by using the Ghost costume to enter the office on your left; inside, beside an enemy, you’ll find a drawer containing a Green Key Card.
- Enter the main hall again and check the office on the right. The Key Card will let you get inside. Beat the enemy in here, then check the drawer he was guarding for an Orange Key Card.
- Go upstairs. You’ll find a save point up here, and you can use the Orange Key Card to enter the room on the right. Beat up the enemies in here, then check the tubes on the left for the Hot Dog costume. Much easier than usual. While wearing the Hot Dog, approach the final office on the left to get into a battle… my lord, is that Hot Dog transformation weird… and get inside. You’ll find the Broken Clock inside.
- You’ll get locked in after snagging the Broken Clock. Smash the wall on the right to escape. You’ll wind up beneath the fountain in the courtyard again, and after a quick cut scene you’ll receive 8,000 XP.