Dental Compound
- You’ve explored the rest of the grounds by now; time to check out the north. After parting ways with Lucy and Everett, head north through the Dental Compound. There’s a ‘Private Residence’ up here. Look to the right of the Residence to find a Hide N’ Seek kid, then north of him to find a pinata guarded by a Depraved Mole. The Residence itself is currently locked.
- Get back on the road and look to the top-left garages. You’ll see Dr. White disappear into a retina-protected building. Once you see him, head back to the fountain and visit Lucy and Everett below. Halley will leave the party, and you’ll leap back in time.
Backwater Bayou
- Welcome back. There’s a kid to the right of the Time Hole when you emerge. Put on the Jefferson costume and entreat him to give you some Mystery Candy before climbing out of the sewer. You can plant the Mystery Candy in the heap of dirt on the right side of the sewer, and when you go back to the Future you’ll find a tree here - and it provides an endless supply of Candy. Once you’re aboveground again, you can use Jefferson to convince the two living statues to cooperate, as well (though you don’t seem to receive another for it).
- If you climb the building near the entrance of the Quarter, where you (may have) found a Hide N’ Seek kid earlier, you can use the Pharoah costume to zipline from this building to the next over. You’ll find a chest containing a Nougat Nuggets card. Don’t bother doing this yet, however, as the game forces you to come up here shortly.
- Head to Orel’s house in the Lower Bayou, just south of the French Quarter. No one’s home. Strap on your Wizard costume and use the Glowstick to light your path, which will reveal a series of splashes leading back to the French Quarter. It takes you up the building mentioned earlier, where Orel is waiting. He’ll join your party.
- Return to the Time Hole. The Future awaits.
Top Secret Warehouse
- Assuming you planted the never-ending tree earlier, look on the right side of the Dental Compound’s courtyard. You’ll find a gardener named Dirtanian who’s trying to puzzle out the name of a movie. Speak to him as Jefferson to persuade him to help, then switch to a Hot Dog, and a Super Hero, and a Wolf Man, in that order. Note that you need to switch your entire party to these costumes simultaneously to appease Dirtanian. He’ll give you Leftover Fertilizer
- … which you can use on the tree you planted in the Past. Return to the Future and the tree will have sprouted big time. Enter the Research Lab via the back exit and climb to the surrounding wall and, to the south, you can find the upper half of the tree. Bash open a door in the tree’s trunk to find a massive ramp leading to the tip-top of the tree, where, eventually, you’ll find the Solar System costume. Sweet. Hop through the gap in the ramp at the top to avoid the long climb back down.
- Head to the door you saw Dr. White slip through earlier. With Orel in the party you can walk right through. You’ll complete a quest, earn 10,000 XP, and discover something very disturbing. Use the save point to your right if need be.
- Time to explore this weird fantasy land. (Note that you can speak to the cardboard characters. Weird.) To your left is a house; knock on the door and you’ll receive some candy. Smack the robot after it pops out to receive a Servo. The house across the street also offers Candy, but no item.
- Trick-or-treat your way down the road until you find a light blue house. Bash the robot that pops out of it to receive Wires. Follow the road until it bends back to the west; check the yellow house and bash the robot that pops out for a Robot Torso. Check across the street here to find a table with blueprints on it. Check the blueprints for the Person Floss Robot costume pattern, which, with everything else you’ve already collected, will give you the Personal Floss Robot costume.
- With the costume equipped, approach the two workers to the right.
Dr. White’s Inner Sanctum
- Bash your way out of the box you’re in, then grab the Talisman off of Dr. White’s bed. Then change into the Pharoah outfit and go out onto the balcony. You can use a zipline here to flee the Sanctum…
- … and into the Research Lab. Run down to the first floor to grab the Talisman again after saving, ‘cause there’s a boss fight in the works.
Orel White DDS
The big man himself. First off, be ready to block before the fight even begins, as Orel begins by attacking one of your characters. That done, it’s strategy time. Orel consists of three parts - his body and his two Pics - and until you take out the Pics, you can’t do much damage at all to his main body. The most difficult part of this first half of the battle is timing your defences, as Orel’s attacks are pretty fast. Trying for counters isn’t recommended unless your pacing is perfect.
Once you blow the Pics away, you’ll get two turns to inflict as much damage to Orel as possible while he charges up an all-hitting special attack called Blinding Smile. Once it goes off - don’t worry, it doesn’t do much damage - he’ll gain a pair of Blasters that also defend his body. Gotta take them out like before. The Blasters hit a bit harder, but are otherwise identical to the Pics. Orel will break out his Beaming Smile attack again when you take out the Blasters, and he’ll keep using it every two turns until you take him down for good.
Having trouble with Orel? The main problem you may have here is health. Orel isn’t that strong, but it takes a while to defeat him. It’s highly recommended that, whatever your costume combination, you have a Pharoah in your party. The Pharoah can both heal and resurrect with their special ability, and since Orel doesn’t hit everyone at once until the end of the battle, you should be able to keep up with depleting health rather easily.
Defeating Orel will, in essence, bring the game to a close. Yay! You can now explore the present at your leisure, content that Halloween has, in fact, been saved. Huzzah. (And no, I don’t think you can do anything beyond simply exiting when you hit this point in the game. You’re just kinda… trapped.)