World Map
- Remember how you approached Florem in the first place? Through the Miasma Woods? Head back there. The path out of Miasma Woods leads in two directions, and your new route is to the northeast. Here you'll find a cave that begs your entrance.
Mount Fragmentum
- Interesting name. The monsters in here are pretty run-of-the-mill, with one exception: the Chompers. Not that strong, not at all brave, Chompers will flee from your party if given a turn or two. Their only advantage is their high evasiveness. These things are mainly noteworthy in that they give 14 JP each, meaning a group of them will give up 56 JP if they're all killed. Not easy, not by a long shot, but this chance makes Mount Fragmentum a pretty decent place for some early job levelling. I found the Ranger great for targeting these little pests.
- There are two directions to go from the outset; go northwest from the entrance and follow this path to its termination in the west. You'll find a Ripper at the edge of the precipice.
- Return to the entrance. Head south and follow the twisting path. At the curve you'll find a chest containing a Remedy, and as you're sweeping back north you'll see another chest to your right. In it is 1000 pg.
- Ahead the path continues east and splits off to the south. At this intersection is a chest containing 500 pg. Follow the eastern path a little ways to find a chest on a small southbound path; inside is a Hi-Potion.
- Return to the branch and go south. All the way south you'll see one of those odd owl creatures you met long, long before, but which said you weren't 'qualified'. Assuming you've completed the Summoner sidequest, you can now talk to these creatures and learn their summons - if you survive the initial attack. This one, Ziusudra's Sin, will do over 1,000 HP of ice damage to everyone. Painful, and not recommended unless you've been overlevelling a little. (Or have defense against ice, I guess.)
- Further south from the owl guy is a chest containing an Ether.
- The northern and southern paths in this area ultimately lead to the same two termination points in the east. Go through the northern path first to find a chest containing a Nodachi. Then take the southern path.
- Robed save dude ahead. You know how this works by now. Save, heal, and proceed...
Land Turtle
Tough but predictable. The Land Turtle boasts some fiendish physical defenses, but is predictably weak to magical ice attacks. It also boasts a painful Spin Attack which will typically hit the same character twice for 700 HP per attack, which is probably enough to wipe out weaker characters at this point. Not that difficult to deal with, as it will only wipe one person out per turn at most. The only real curveball Land Turtle has in its repertoire is Reflection Angle, which gives it reflection status for a turn. This means any spells you cast - such as, say, a Brave-powered Blizzara flurry - will fly back at your characters, potentially causing a lot of damage.
The solution? Wait for Reflection Angle to wear off, then cast. Simple enough. Or, if you've raised a Spell Fencer that knows Blizzara, cast it on your sword and then go to town. Reflection Angle doesn't block attacks with elemental leanings, just straight magic. Or or, if magic isn't your thing at the moment, just beat on Land Turtle. It's tough, but it's not that tough. Not a difficult battle overall.
- Keep going east after taking out the Land Turtle and, hey hey, you're out of the cave. Lookit that.
World Map
- Look familiar? Yep, you've been here before. Head east to the Yulyana Woods. The Needleworks is still sitting in the same place you found it before.
Yulyana Woods Needleworks
- Cut scene inside. Silliness follows. Sex sells in Bravely Default.
- Well. That was kind of a waste of time, if hilarious. Back to Florem.
World Map
- Back to the cave. A cut scene intervenes as you enter.
- Trek through the cave again. Pretty straightforward. You did it before, you can do it again.
- You'll automatically jump back to Florem, just before the contest begins.
- Once the cut scene is done you'll probably notice that there's a new side quest to partake of nearby. Woo! You can either do it now or come back to it after finishing up the contest, which takes place in the north of Florem. It's not a terribly long sub scenario, but the battle at the end of it is fairly difficult. Beware! (Details on it in this article here.)
- Lengthy cut scene. You go girl. Once it's done you'll have a new destination, and a new scheme.
- Head southwest on the main map to find your next destination set into a long mountain range.