What exciting new world be this? Yes, you’ll wind up in the Future in Costume Quest 2, exploring the horrid, clean-toothed dystopia operated by Overlord White. The majority of the game’s action takes place in the Future, and, consequently, there are plenty of quests waiting for your kids. Some are mandatory; some are just for fun. All are ultimately helpful.
The quests listed below are not mandatory. For the most part they give your characters a slight edge when exploring. Also included is a quest that’s not really a quest, but, heck, it might as well be.
The Future Quests
Quest - Dystopia Hide n’ Seek
Ahh, another round of every kid’s favourite pastime. You can first trigger Dystopia Hide n’ Seek by speaking to the little girl hiding behind a heap of leaves to the right of the Tooth Academy. This will open up the opportunity to find five more kids elsewhere in the Future, in the following locations:
  • In the southern corner of the save point park in Old Auburn Pines.
  • Near the Candy Mine sign in New Repugia’s east end.
  • Across the zipline from Blob’s speakeasy in the Sewers. She’s hiding beside a set of stairs, her head in sight.
  • In the square dedicated to Overlord White in Downtown New Repugia. He’s hiding behind the three fist statues.
  • On the rooftops of New Repugia Central, opposite the Grubbin Grotto. Go through the second blue tube you see, after dropping off a ramp on your left.
Finding all of the kids will earn you 1,000 XP, as well as the Ghost Pail, upgrading your Candy capacity.
Quest - Creepy Cryptid
After collecting the Wizard costume and making your way to the second portion of the Sewers, you’ll find a monster in a hazard vest looking at claw marks on a wall. Speak to him to trigger this quest, then light up the Wizard’s Glowstick. You’ll find footprints leading to the ladder that takes you up to East New Repugia. You can follow the claw marks aaaaaaall the way around the street, eventually ending by a fence near the security checkpoint at the far end. Get the Pharoah costume, then return to the manhole. You’ll discover…
… that it has returned to the Sewers. Go below and follow it across the zipline to the right. You’ll wind up following it to Central New Repugia. Tail the tracks into the Grubbin Grotto to your right, then head south until you find a save point - and more claw marks. Follow these further south, then east, until you reach a lone building. Assuming you’ve followed the tracks properly up to this point, you’ll hit a cut scene, and you’ll receive the Wolfman costume… and 1,000 XP. Awesome.
Be warned! This quest is a little finicky when it comes to following the claw prints. In most cases you must find the next set of claws before the quest will proceed. You can’t just skip right to the end.
Quest - Dental Compound Trespassers
Six kids have decided to pop into the Dental Compound and cause a little trouble, because the prospect of being jailed is simply hilarious. You can find them in the following areas:
  • Up and to the right of the central fountain in the courtyard. She’d hiding behind a piece of topiary that looks a bit like a pepper.
  • To the left of the save point in the Dental Compound’s courtyard. You’ll need to change into a Pterodactyl to get to him.
  • In the Security building. You’ll find her in the bottom-left cell, after beating Kronoculus.
  • To the east of the Private Residence. He’s hunkered down between some pillars.
  • In the rear entrance of the Research Lab, beside the stairs leading to the perimeter wall.
  • Beside the eastern gate. He’s hidden between the left guard booth and the gate.
Finding all six kids will earn you the Infinity Bucket, the final upgrade to your Candy Bucket, as well as 2,000 XP.
Solar System
Upon returning to Backwater Bayou from the Dental Compound you’ll wind up in the sewers. A kid here has a Mystery Candy, and he’ll only hand it over if you speak to him as Jefferson. Once he does, plant the Candy in the ground just north of the kid.
Jump to the Future. The Mystery Candy will have grown into a tree that provides infinite amounts of Candy when struck. That done, go topside and look on the east end of the Compound for a gardener. Speak to him as Jefferson to get him to open up, then have your kids dress as a Hot Dog, a Superhero, and a Wolfman. They all have to be dressed as these characters simultaneously. Keep talking to the guy and he’ll eventually give you Leftover Fertilizer.
Use the Fertilizer on the plant in the Past, then jump back to the Future. It will have become huge. Head to the rear entrance of the Research Lab (east side of the Compound) and climb to the outer wall of the Compound. Here you’ll find the trunk of the tree. Climb up onto it by heading south from the stairs, then strike the trunk to find a door. Inside is a loooooong ramp leading to the top of the tree (outer space!), where, in a chest, you’ll find the Solar System costume. It’s one of the best costumes in the game, if not the best.