Backwater Bayou looks like a dim and dreary place, but there’s actually a fair amount to do in the swamp - and particularly in the French Quarter, which is a great deal more lively than the rest of the Bayou. The quests people require of you are tricksy, however, and you’ll have to travel all over the Bayou - several times! - to complete them all.
And the worst part? Three of the four are mandatory. How cruel.
Backwater Bayou Quests
Quest - Bayou Hide n’ Seek
You can trigger this quest by speaking to the boy near the save point to the south of the first three houses in the Bayou, to the west of Monty’s Gator Giddyup. He counts as the first of the six kids you need to find; that leaves five more. They’re in the following locations:
  • By the water fountain in the south of the Bayou, not far from a cluster of Trick-or-Treat houses
  • Just east of Shady, in the far west of Lower Bayou (she’s dressed like a pink princess)
  • Near the save point at the entrance of the French Quarter
  • Atop the first building in the French Quarter, accessible from a door on street level
  • In a back alley in the far north of the French Quarter, beside some trash cans
Find all six and you earn a Candy Bag Upgrade, allowing you to carry more than the usual 2,000 Candies. This is very useful as the number of Candies you earn from searching and combat rises.
Quest - Duelo del Diablo
You can trigger this quest by speaking to the boy in the Pterodactyl costume pattern to the east of Shady. He’s standing on a tree stump. Bub wants someone to challenge him in a musical duel, and for obvious reasons he needs someone with a musical instrument to take him on. Put on the Clown costume and engage him in battle. (Which… basically means honking your horn a lot.) Eventually he’ll give you the Pterodactyl pattern and send you on your way.
Quest - Music Cred
The four musicians in the north of the French Quarter can’t get anyone to come to their street concert. They need you to drum up interest for them, because apparently your tiny horn is a better musical instrument than their stupid fiddles and guitars and whatnot. Strap on your Clown costume and go looking for tourists who might be interested in listening to them play. Once you’re beside a tourist, honk your horn to send them to listen. Only the following tourists will be interested:
  • The big woman (second in line) who’s waiting to be served at the shrimp cart, west of the central fountain
  • The big guy who’s looking at the ‘statues’ to the south of the central fountain
  • The woman who’s watching the kid in the cannon, north of the central fountain
Once you’ve rounded up the three tourists, speak to the fiddler again. She’ll pull you into the act. Watch the band play, then honk your horn whenever she points at your kid. Do this correctly to complete the quest and earn your reward, 750 XP. Nice.
Quest - Jazz Money
Once you’ve completed Music Cred, head to the far east side of the French Quarter. You’ll find a jazz club called Mink’s Place, and Mink himself will allow you to jump in on his set and play your horn. Do so (make sure you’re dressed as a Clown - for some reason Mink will let you up no matter what you’re wearing) and Mink will give you Fifty Bucks, as well as 750 XP. You'll need this money to pay for an Oar to move the boat owned (or not) by Li'l Boney, so this is a mandatory quest.