South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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South Park
- Head downstairs. Talk to your parents. If you speak to your Dad, you'll earn his friend invite. Ooo, at long last.
- Head outside. You'll receive notice of an emergency meeting at the Elven Forest. Make haste!
- Cut scene. Your course is set! You must now seek out a new set of allies: no less than the girls! Yep, you must now Recruit the Girls, a task so crazy that only the new kid can pull it off. Sounds like a heck of a challenge.
- Once the cut scene is done, you'll gain either Kyle or Cartman as a friend, depending on whom you sided with during the war. You'll also unlock both of them as buddies, giving you a full party. Woo! Kyle is excellent at targeting single enemies, while Cartman excels at going after multiple enemies. Both are great buddies, though I prefer Kyle - his Summon Elemental attack is ridiculously good if properly charged, and it's very easy to charge it up.
- While you're back here, talk to the blonde kid who always looks crabby. You'll gain the Chris Donnely friend request.
- This quest will lead you on a long, rousing trip 'round South Park - and other parts of the world - that will take quite a while. You can find the details in Recruit the Girls and its sister article, Unplanned Parenthood. (Also? You're going to Canada. It was inevitable.)
Gnome Powder Locations
- As for this article, we'll explore places we've already been and use that Gnome Powder you just got to plunder new treasures. Sweet.
- Jump to the Elven Kingdom and look for a tunnel on the left side of the yard with a big 'KEEP OUT' sign. Shrink and crawl inside to find a bag containing $3.00, a Revive Potion, and a Power Potion (Large).
- Look in the bushes beside Stan's house. A kid named Bradley is hiding there, and you have to shrink to reach him. Talk to him for a friend request.
- Check the Bus Stop that bears the South Park sign. Behind a tree on your left (look for a bird's nest) is a dirt path leading to a small clearing. Along with a Homeless Camp and two bag containing a few items, including a Horselord Braid and Lime Green Dye (look in the blue tent for the latter), you'll find a fallen log blocking off another bag. Slip under it to find a Horselord Beard, a Screwdriver$3.60, and a Metal Grip.
- The U-Stor-It office has a desk that's hiding a lunchbox. Slip under the door to reach it; inside is a Fohawk Wig and two Strength Potions.
- There's a gap in the fence to the left of Jimmy's House. Slip under it to find a chest. Inside are Witch Gloves, Fairy Face Paint, a Lolita WigDark Pink Dye, and Stoley Parents Bedroom Key. (Speaking of the Stoleys, check out their bedroom with this key. You'll find a Federation Badge, a Bald Cap, a Health Potion (Large), an assortment of cash, and some vendor trash in the drawers.)
- Snag the News Office Key from the Post Office's open PO box and open the place up. You'll find Esther inside, and she'll give you a friend request. Bash open the vent beside Esther and shrink down to enter. Inside you'll find the Accountafish Chinpokomon, a satchet containing an Imperial Beard and some other items, and a ladder that will take you to the roof. Leroy Mullins is up here. You can also find Generic Glasses and a Health Potion in the office's drawers.
- Head to the bank and look behind the table next to the front door. There's a hidden hole you can slip through. Inside is a bag containing $3.60, a Golden Ticket, and some vendor trash. Assuming you've 'invested' money with the bank teller, you can attack him, beat him up, and earn your money back - as well as some extra on top. He's got a lot of HP, but is otherwise pretty weak.
- The Terribovine Chinpokomon is under a bench in front of Tweek Bros. Coffee. Shrink down and slip beneath the side of the bench to grab it, as well as check a satchet containing a Witch Hat, a Gauntlet Patch, and a Broken Gnome Pick.
- There's a blue house next to Mr. Slave's with a garage that won't fully open. Shrink down and slip beneath the garage door to find a bag. Inside is a Dracula WigGhoul MakeupGrave Dirt, and some vendor trash.
- (Any others? Give me a shout in the comments if I missed one.)
Elven Kingdom
- Once you're done looking around town... as well as any, oh, foreign countries... head back to the Elven Forest. Assuming you're content with your character, as well as the items you've collected, you can speak to Kyle to trigger the end game of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Vive la justice!