South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Your House
- Head on home. The day is done. (Or, if you wish, wander South Park after dark. Your parents will find you anyway. You're in trooooubleeee!)
- Hop in bed. Cut scene follows. Uhhhhh...
- Underpants Gnomes! They're really weak. Beat the snot outta the poor little guys. A single all-hitting attack should do the trick, and even if you have to go one-at-a-time you'll still win handily. Once you do...
- Underpants Gnomes! Only they're as big as you are, now! These guys hit a lot harder, but they're still pretty easy. Use multiple attacks to whittle down their shielding, then demolish their poor HP scores. Their spells don't hurt very much, but try not to be distracted by their glitzy effects while you're waiting for the block indicator to appear.
- Huh. Now you're really small. Go figure. Loot the gnomes that remained behind, then follow the others through the hole in your bedroom wall.
- Well ain't this novel. Walk left until you find two intertwined wires, blue and green. Climb 'em to find a satchet containing a Gnome Helmet, a Health Potion (Large), a Power PotionTorn Underpants, and a Super Bouncy Ball!.
- There's a rat down on the lower floor. You can either fight the thing normally or, still on the upper pipe, electrocute the thing. Knock the pipe bend to send water down beside the rat, then shoot the blue wire above its back. (Okay, so maybe it isn't quite electrocuted. Good enough.)
- Run into the vents. Ew.
- Climb the wires once you're back in the wall. Get up onto the nearby pipe and bash through the wall to your left. Beyond a pair of sparking fuses is a satchet containing Gnome Clothes, Torn Underpants, and a Gnome Pickaxe Head.
- Return to the ladder and shoot the next pipe above you and to the right. This will make a path. A rat is blocking the path ahead; either kill it in a fight or climb the next wire ladder and aim at the ceiling. This will drop insulation down and set it on fire. Cup-a-Spell the fire at the rat to kill it. Continue along the upper pipe and bash through the next wall to send a chunk of wood through another rat. That's two down; climb to the ground and kill the third normally.
- Ahead is another satchet containing a Gnome Pickaxe, a Ripped Boot, and $0.90. Climb the wire ladder beside it and push the wall socket out of place to continue.
- Up on your parents' desk! Great. Check the jewellry case to your left to find a Small Locket and $1.25. Head right, take out a few more gnomes, and keep going until you find a wire leading off of the dresser.
- Cut scene. Boss!
Underpants Warlock
Alrighty then.
This fight's more disturbing than difficult. The Underpants Warlock is pretty easy, and doesn't hurt that hard; his only advantage is his high defense. Get around this with bleeding or something that will chew at the armour. Your only real problem here is the attack that you'll know when you see coming - make sure you dodge this thing. Not hard, but... yeah. Anyway.
- After the fight you'll wake up the next day, and now you'll gain the ability to grow and shrink at will, otherwise known as Gnome Powder. You can access it from the same actions as Shoot, Alien Probe, and Buddy Command. Woo! Nice! There will also be an Underpants Gnome standing in your room, and he'll ask for your assistance in Phase 1. It's a side quest, but, hey, why not jump to it now?
Phase 1
The gnome's request is simple enough: he needs Underpants. There are five Underpants items spread throughout the game, and you have the opportunity to pilfer 'em. You can find them in the following locations:
- In Kevin Stoley's room. His house is the second from the left in the western Neighbourhood, just east of the Community Center. Check the drawers.
- In Cartman's room. Leap to Kupa Keep and raid his house. The Underpants are in his bedside table.
- In Kyle's room. Jump to the Elven Kingdom and check his House. Specifically, look in his room's bedside table.
- In Stan's room. Stan's House is right next to Kyle's. You'll also find his Underpants in a drawer.
- In Stan's Parents' room. Yep, cross the hall and root through the drawers. Pretty easy.
Collect all five Underpants and the Underpants Gnome will friend you. Well, it's better than nothing, right?
- Enough of that. Upon awakening you received a new quest: Forging Alliances. It's time to take down your newest nemesis and get the Stick of Truth back!