South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Clyde's Fortress
- You'll be shot into Beat up Clyde! immediately after returning from the girls' HQ and speaking to Kyle back in the Elven Forest. Once you have control again, the battle will be on.
- Wendy and Annie are right by the entrance. Have Butters heal her to earn the Superhero Patch.
- Use Nagasaki on the front gate to bring it crashing down. Run across.
- You're at the front of the fort. Run to the right to find some fragile wood. Bash through it to find a hidden bag containing $075, a Health Potion (Small), a Power Potion (Large), a Cure Potion, and a Brutish Wig.
- Also back here is an alien eye. Use it to zap up beside the power generator. Turn it off to stop the electrical current blocking off the front gate. You can now confront the guards head on and bash your way into the fort...
- ... or you can dip back behind the fort, where you found the bag, and check the small, hidden passage with your Gnome Powder. Inside you'll find a wounded gnome whom Butters can heal. He will kill one of the larger rats nearby. You can fry the other one here by shooting the lighter and using Cup-a-Spell. In the satchet it was guarding you'll find $0.75, Gnome Teeth, a Dairy Council Patch, and a Health Potion (Large).
- There are two ways to enter the fort from this underground path. Either go up the pipe to your right or hit the sparkle in the northwest corner of the area, which will create a path. I recommend the pipe - you can bypass a fight, though you'll miss out on a school bag below. Use Cup-a-Spell on the lantern to take out the 'cyclopses' for an easier time.
- Regardless of how you proceed through here, the chest on the bottom floor by the entrance contains a Lawn Dart, $0.35, a Berserker Patch and some vendor trash, and the bag beyond the barricade contains $0.25, a Jewpacabra Claw, a Mana Potion, and some vendor trash. Head up the ladder either way.
- Oh lord, zombies. You can hit the tire chain past the barricade to take out one of the zombies, but you'll release some cats. Use Cup-a-Spell on the torch to take out one of them, then plow through the barricade and fight the rest.
- After the room is clear, knock out the support holding up the platform with the ladder, then use Nagasaki to bring the whole platform down. You'll get more support from allies, allowing you to climb further.
- Outside. The assault continues! Start by using the alien eye above you to jump up to the roof just below Clyde's lair. There's a Shoe Chinpokomon up here.
- back to the ground. Use Dragonshout on the cigarette lighter beside Ike to launch a rocket into the right tower. This will earn you Ike's friend request. Then run up to the tower and use Nagasaki to take out its defender. Search the remains for a box containing $0.50, a Clyde's Rulebook, a Mana Potion (Large), and a Knight Helmet. Use the wheel to partially open the gate into Clyde's lair.
- Head back left. There's a lit torch hanging from the roof of the next tower. Shoot at the torch to set one of the bullies on fire, then use Cup-a-Spell to blow the whole tower up. Use the alien eye to zip over to that side. Beyond is a bag containing a Shard of the Dark Lord's Crown, a Revive Potion, a Power Potion, and some vendor trash. There's also the second wheel which will open up Clyde's lair. take down the barricade keeping you on this side and rush in.
- Craig! You traitor! This part's time-based, and though the game will continue if you do nothing, it's much easier if you do something. Run to your left and shoot the lamp Stan throws through the window, then use Cup-a-Spell on it to let him in. Run right and use Nagasaki to let Ike through the opposite window, and use Cup-a-Spell again when he sets fire to the metal chain. Manage this and the next fight should be a lot easier.
If you failed to stop Craig's slow reactions before this fight, you'll fight him and three Nazi Zombie Cows. Stop him and you'll only face one, which is a fair bit easier. Focus on killing at least one of the cows first, as they go suicidal on their first turn and can do a ton of damage. If you fail, be prepared for a lot of hurt.
Craig himself is a bit of a pain. He doesn't hit that hard, but his Clone Army attack creates five copies of the kid - and, as he says, he's immune to splash damage, so all-hitting attacks don't work. That said, he's not immune to ricocheting attacks. Use a ranged weapon like, say, the Chakram to bounce attacks off of one of the Craigs and ultimately hit them all. The fake Craigs take a lot more damage than the real one, and even if they aren't dispelled, you can at least figure who is the real one. His only other painful attack is Death From Above, but he barely uses it.
- Ransack Craig's body once he's down to find a Brimstone, then climb up the ladder to the rest of your buds. Check the chest to the left for a Knight ArmorClyde's Rulebook, a Power Potion (Large), a Water Balloon and $2.50, then head up the stairs... to your destiny...
- ... Randy! Someone has been fitted with a nuclear device?! That ain't no good.
- ... oh lord. Yes, you have to do it. Shrink down... and... yeah.
- (Just for kicks, try to run out of the room to the right. Credits!)
Mr. Slave
- This area is both disgusting and straightforward. Follow the passage. Partway up you'll find an electrical current; Stan can deal with it.
- Ahead is a shining pustule. Shoot it when the creature patrolling nearby is beneath, then zip over the blockade via the alien eye you've uncovered.
- Climb through the next few passages. You'll befriend Mr. Hat! Yay!
- There's another blockage ahead. Use Nagasaki to blast your way through.
- A new area. Quickly answer the phone here for Big Gay Al's friend request. Run straight ahead as the passage splits and take out the enemies. You'll find a Vibroblade as part of the loot. Past them is a bag containing a Health Potion (Large), a Mana Potion (Large), and a Strength Potion.
- Backtrack to the split and go north. Run up on top of the flashlight and down the other end. Adjust its batteries, then hit the button. This will get rid of a bat up ahead and light the next path. Nearby is a chest containing $1.10, a Cap, and a Ghost Pepper.
- Climb and keep going. Cut scene ahead. Boss!
The Sparrow Prince
... yeah, sure, whatever. The Sparrow Prince will summon in two Bacterium to aid it, and they're your first priority. Fry them on your first two turns, preferably, and quickly knock them out of play before they revive. It will only take a few turns before they come back. Trust me, getting them out of the battle with one extra hit (preferably something that's all-hitting) really helps.
The Sparrow Prince is not that strong, though it is resistant. It won't bleed, it can't be grossed out, and it spends almost the entire battle with reflect status up. Fail to remember this and launch a ranged attack at your peril. It can be slowed, so bring out something to freeze its bones and quickly chip away at its health. A slow battle, but not very difficult.
- Up ahead is a blockage. Use Nagasaki to clear a partial path, then climb up onto the next westward path you find and slice through the goo ahead. You'll find an alien eye. Use it to zip down to what looks like a bottlecap. Here you can hit a switch and clear an eastward path. Zap back and carry on east.
- Cut scene. Huh. Take out the two SWAT Marksmen ahead, check their bodies for a Tactical Armor Pad, and carry on into the next room.
- Cut scene. Oh lord. Check out the bag nearby for a Revive Potion, a brown Badge of Courage and some vendor trash, then summon in Jimmy and Buddy Command him to open the detonator. Check it out, play the questionable minigame to disarm the nuke (be careful - if you mess up you'll Game Over), and feel sweet relief as your time here comes to an end.
Clyde's Fortress
- Back to the real trouble. You'll receive friend requests for Frog King, Sparrow Prince and Catatafish (they have Facebook), and they'll give you the Crown of... Pleasure. Yeah.
- Head through the path to your left. Clyde awaits... and... oh no.
- (The next battle is actually part of Beat up Clyde, but I'm gonna stick it in the next article anyway. For lulz. And extra pictures.)