Clyde's Fortress
- You just finished with Mr. Slave. Head into the next room and prepare... for the ultimate in grim easter eggs.
Nazi Zombie Chef
Ahhhhhh, no, not sweet, sweet Chef! First off, block. Block block block. Chef's first attack will deal crazy amounts of damage if you don't. Thereafter you're basically fighting a war of attrition. Chef is immune to bleeding, being grossed out, stunning, pretty much everything except being set on fire. He also has a lot of armor, and his HP is higher than anything you've seen before. It's gonna be a long fight, and painful.
Your best bet here is to go with your strongest non-elemental or fire-elemental attacks, making Cartman a good ally for this fight. Spend each turn wailing away at Chef while you keep your team nice and healthy with items and, potentially, Butters' special ability. Block everything that comes at you. This is especially important when Chef busts out Hello Children, as you'll have to follow prompts to avoid taking a ton of damage. Fortunately, Chef will gain stun status once this happens for a few rounds, and for every round thereafter Clyde will struggle to keep Chef attacking. Maintain the pressure and you will, eventually, take Chef down.
- All done? Nope, not yet! There's a traitor in the group! You'll gain an upgrade to your base armour, the quest Betrayal from Within will trigger, and it's off to chase a sneaky jerk!
- Chase after the traitor. In the next room you'll find a shop, should you need any refreshments, and beyond that... the final battle. Make sure you stock up - this last fight can last a looooong time.
Whoa! What a twist! There are two phases to this battle. In the first, Kenny is... pretty much Kenny. Though he's immune to stunning like most bosses, Kenny will get hit by pretty much every other status ailment in the book. He's also got a ton of armor to protect his somewhat wimpy amount of HP, and you'll have to quickly tear this down before you can deal substantial damage. Stan's Way of the Sword is great at eliminating armor if you have no such attacks yourself. Kenny's only great advantage over you is his hard-hitting attacks - most strikes aren't that bad, but his unicorn... if it goes unblocked... oh man. You're probably dead. Bleed Kenny and beat the snot out of him.
In his second phase - and, yes, you get to heal! - Kenny is substantially tougher. Aside from an additional vomiting attack, which is lovely, Kenny's unicorn attack now hits both characters, not just one. His attacks on average also do a fair amount more damage. And when you take him down once? He comes right back, fully restored, debuffs removed... and you have the same amount of health and same debuffs. Yikes. His Rainbow Beam gets a lot stronger when he's back up, and he'll start to use unique attacks based on which character is helping you out. Be ready to pound your controller / keyboard regardless of who's on your team. (It won't be Kenny or Cartman, that's for sure.)
And when you beat him again? He gets up again! One more time! His armor doesn't rejuvenate between fights, fortunately, and he's still suspectible to bleeding, slow, etc. Slow in particular will make this battle a lot easier.
After beating Kenny three times you'll have a slightly-scripted moment. Use Dragonshout to end the fight. Game over! Yaaaaay, you beat South Park: The Stick of Truth!
After taking out Kenny and watching the credits roll... both sets of credits... you'll be zipped back to your house, and a new day will begin. You can explore South Park again, and any missions you haven't yet completed will remain active until you get down to 'em. There are still areas you probably haven't yet explored, so perhaps it's time to roam about finish up every last itty-bitty thing in the game. Achievements hooooo!