South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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This quest is triggered while visiting South Park's Police Station. Head inside and look right of the front desk. The detective with orange hair will give you the quest - but only after Nazi Zombies start to run loose in South Park. This means completing the quest PTA Problems, which will unlock Nazi Zombies as random encounters in South Park.
The Gist
All you need to do to complete this little quest is to collect a minimum of five Zombie Rings, which are, predictably, dropped by Nazi Zombies. Many creatures in the game become zombified, so it's possible (but not confirmed) that you can collect these Rings during the main quest - but in most cases you'll just be wandering around town, killing any Nazi Zombies you find in the streets.
Be warned! This quest cannot be completed after beating the game! Finish it beforehand or you'll never reap the rewards!
Nazi Zombies can be encountered in the following locations around South Park:
- In the Police Station's parking lot
- On Church grounds - look to the left of the Church itself, not far from where you fight ManBearPig
- In the Community Center parking lot, between the cars
- Out front of Kevin Stoley's House in the Neighbourhood
- Outside Kenny's House - look by the train tracks
- At the intersection in front of the Bijou Theatre and Tweek Bros. Coffee, just across the street from the Photo-Dojo
- On the dirt paths to the left of City Hall, behind the trees
- In the main lot of the U-Stor-It Storage Facility
- (Let me know if you find any other spawning points. Drop me a line in the comments.)
Note that the Zombie Rings must be procured from five different fights. You can't loot two different Nazi Zombies in the aftermath of one fight and get two Rings.
- Return to the Police Station and talk to the Sergeant. Impressed, he'll give you the Sergeant Yates friend request. Most excellent.
Police Station
- While you're here, why not have a quick look around? Check with the main offices by the front door. There are three drawers to check near the Sergeant. They contain a Speed Potion, a Health Potion (Small), some cash, and some vendor trash.
- Look upstairs. Vending machines up here sell restorative items, and the filing cabinets in the hall contain $0.10, a Health Potion (Small), and more vendor trash. Shoot the ledge holding up the golden awards above the filing cabinets to create a path up to the vent.
- Use the vent to get into the Locker Room. Raid the lockers for a Beardstache, a Skull Sticker, a Speed Potion, a Health Potion (Small), a Power Potion (Large), $0.75, a Power Potion (Large), a Jail Cell KeyWire Frame Glasses, and a Health Potion (Large). Go through the Emergency Exit to find a fire escape leading to the parking lot; you can use our Alien Probe up here to reach the roof, where you'll find Santa (friend request!) and a bag containing a Power Potion (Large), a Demon Sticker, and a Samurai Warrior Patch.
- Go back inside and check the right of the second floor hallway. There's a small vent here containing $0.25 and a Wad of Web. Also...
- ... the Evidence Room. Climb the ladder to your right when you come in to reach the RabbiTech Chinpokomon. Bash the crate to your right, then climb back down to ground level. There's another breakable crate at the base of the ladder; behind it is a lunchbox containing a Cure Potion and $1.00. Hit the red button on the shelves to make the ladder move right, then climb up and bash a third crate to reach a treasure chest. Inside is Bandit Face PantShadowBlingBuckyball Magnets, and vendor trash.
- Almost finished. Go back downstairs and look in the room to your right. You'll find prisoner cells. Open the cell on the right and speak to the kid inside for the Romper Stomper friend request. Check his bag for a Bald Cap, a Teardrop Tattoo and a Bindle, then hightail it outta there. You're done with this Police Station.