South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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- The Goth Kids can always be found in the same place at this point in the game - namely, hanging out behind the School. You can access their hiding spot by using the gate set into the School's perimeter wall.
- Approach and chat them up. The Goth Kids aren't willing to play ball - or at least they aren't until you start looking like the rest of them. Conform, you danged Nonconformist!
- To complete this little task for the Goths, you need to look just like the rest of 'em. This means traveling around South Park and buying / finding various items to capture the Goth mystique. You can find what you need below.
- First up is the Goth Cap, Gloves, and Clothes. You can buy all three at the Street Merchant outside the U-Stor-It in northeast South Park. You can also buy some Black Eyeliner and an Emo Wig from the guy for that extra Gothic touch. The three necessary items will run you a total of $16.
- Second, Goth Kids like coffee. Go snag some Tweek Bros. Dark Roast. You can buy it for $1 at, you guessed it, Tweek Bros. Coffee. Be careful - you'll be accosted by elves when you leave, forcing you into a parley with the elf king. (You can win this fight, despite what they say, though you get carried off either way.) More details on this below.
- Last, you need some smokes. Travel to Jimbo's Guns and look in the alleyway beside it. There are sixth graders here who tell you to get lost. Assault them to win yourself some Cigarettes. They aren't very difficult, though the three Smoking Scoundrels are a bit slow on their punches. Timing your defense requires a bit of concentration.
Elven Kingdom
- Cut scene. The truth comes out? Who knows. Regardless, you're now allowed free run of the Elven Kingdom, the somewhat cooler-looking counterpart of Kupa Keep. You also gain Jimmy and Stan as buddies; Stan is a straight-up warrior, while Jimmy retains his buffing charms. Both are worthy companions.
- Have a look around. The last Fast Travel Flag is back here, to your left, and if you speak to Jimmy, Stan, and the kid by the 'Well of Insights' you'll receive three new quests: Magical SongsThe She-Ogre, and Restoring the Balance, respectively. Magical Songs is addressed in this article, while this article covers The She-Ogre.
- Check out the kid to the right. He's willing to sell you some fancy new wares. Purchasing from him will earn you Jason's friend request.
- Have a look at the tree house. There's a bag at the base of it containing a Shattered Arrow, a Cure Potion and an Elvish Loyalty Patch. Climb the tree fort to find a Torn Cloak Fragment and Sky Blue Dye inside.
- All done. Depart from this gentle place... and check out some new digs.
Kyle's House
- Why not have a look around while you're here? There's surely stuff to be had.
- Kitchen! There's a Health Potion (Large), a Cure Potion, a Power Potion, and an Ice Cube in the drawers and fridge, along with an assortment of vendor trash.
- Living room! Check the golden drawers for $0.75 and more vendor trash.
- Upstairs hallway! The drawer here contains Sidelocks and, you guessed it, vendor trash.
- Kyle's room! His bedside table has Underpants$2.00, and a Health Potion (Small). His dresser is full of junk to sell.
- His parents' room! In their dresser you'll find $0.15 and the Broflovski Garage Key. The bedside table has $1.05, and if you shoot the necklace box on top of it you'll find a Small Locket. The cabinet in the left corner contains a Cure Potion and a Barbarian Wig. Everything else in here is saleable junk.
- Bathroom! There's Acne under the sink, $0.10 in the drawer to the left, aaaand some other junk. As well as, you know, the usual bathroom minigame. Yay.
- Check out their garage with the key you just found upstairs. Inside is the Stegmata Chinpokomon and, behind an old box, a chest containing Kyle's Muttonchops and a Small Magnet.
- Right. You've explored, you've gathered, you're ready. Return to the Goth Kids and don the Goth Cap, Gloves, and Clothes. Speak to them and they'll admit that you're almost ready... but first, you must prove your Gothy-ness by heading over to the Community Center during a PTA meeting and posting a sign. This will prove your non-conformist agenda is legit. Sigh... enjoy your Confirmist Protest Sign.
Community Center
- The Community Center is one screen to the east of the School. Traipse up to the front doors and wander in.
- Cut scene. Oh, new kid.
- After everyone leaves you can wander around. Start by approaching the PTA table with the five chairs; if you inspect it Randy will run off into the bathroom with your sign, triggering the PTA Problems quest. He took your sign, so... you have little choice in the matter... this section of this continually-branching quest is covered in this article.
- Before following, talk to Mr. Mackey at the table on the right for a side quest, Wasted Cache. He'll give you Mackey's Storage Key. Since it's a small quest, we'll cover it below. You can also chat with the other PTA members and get yelled at.
Wasted Cache
- Take Mackey's Storage Key, as well as the Monochrome Monitor he gives you, and head to U-Stor-It. His is Unit 221.
- Oh lord, what a mess. Drop the Monitor with the others near the entrance. Above this shelf is a Ferasnarf Chinpokomon; shoot it down to the floor to grab it.
- There's a lot to bash in here, but your main concern is the alien eye to the right. Zip up to it to find a bag containing Wings Facepaint, a Health Potion (Large), and Mackey's PO Box Key. Oooo!
- Zip over to the Post Office before seeing Mackey. Check the wall of boxes on the right side of the Office to find his; it contains $2.00, a Small Battery, and a bunch of vendor trash. Mackey has interesting tastes.
- Back to the Community Center. Chat with him for a small cash reward and a friend request. Score.
- After finishing up the events of PTA Problems, head back to the Goth Kids. They want you to complete one final challenge: a little mini game. Match the arrows crawling up the screen (think Dance Dance Revolution) to their satisfaction. Once you're done you'll receive their allegiance - as well as their friend requests: Henrietta, Michael, Pete, and Firkle.