South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
Images used for educational purposes only.
This side quest begins with one tiny child in a red shirt. You can find him at the Kids' Park, a short ways north of Kyle's House, hiding beside the left basketball net. Speak to him and he'll quietly challenge you to hide and seek, and his friends will all dash off. The game's afoot!
Unlike many other quests in the game, Hide 'n' Seek does not furnish you with the locations of the six children. You'll have to hunt them down on your own by exploring South Park, inch by inch.
Solo Venture
Want to look for the kids on your own? Here are a few tips to help you get started. I kinda recommend this method, as it'll get you poking into a lot of areas you might not normally explore and finding things you'd normally run right past.
- All of the kids can be found right at the beginning of the game. As soon as you gain access to South Park at large, you can complete this quest. Consequently, you won't find these kids in spots that are only accessible via special powers (Dragon Shouting, Alien Probing, etc.), nor places that are locked.
- For that matter, almost all of the kids are outdoors. One if them is arguably indoors, though with exposure to raw nature, and another is, well, just inside a building.
- Most of the kids are fidgety. They'll look around a lot, and thus are easy to spot. The kid who's demonstrably indoors is the only exception.
- They are not all clustered around the Kids' Park. These tots are adventurous. You'll have to search all points of the map to find them.
Don't care to search on your own? Fiiiiiiine. The locations of the six children are listed below.
Mr. Slave's Neighbourhood
The closest kindergartner is beside Mr. Slave's big red house, a short jaunt east of the Kids' Park. You'll find her hiding behind a tree on the west side of the house.
One of the kindergartners is hiding in the western half of Downtown. Or, rather, he's hiding beneath the western half of Downtown. Descend into the manhole on the left side of this screen. You'll find him down in the sewers, hiding behind a heap of trash.
This one, the leader, is easily the most difficult of the six tykes to track down. Head Downtown and check in the Bank. Near the entrance is a table covered in banking pamphlets, and if you look under the table, you'll see a small pair of legs. Run behind the table to find the kid. He doesn't shove his head out like the other kids, so you'll need a sharp eye to find him on your own.
Stark's Pond
Approach Stark's Pond from the Church, heading west. A short distance from the entrance you'll find a little fork in the path. Follow it north and curve around to a secret spot with a bag full of treasure. The next kid is hiding behind a tree next to the bag.
Tower of Peace
Make for the north of town. You'll find another little girl attempting to hide behind a lamp post between City Wok and the Tower of Peace, pretty much in plain sight. Nice try, little girl.
Oooo, cows. The last of the kids has taken up residence in the bttom-left corner of the cow pen at the Farm. He's crammed right in the corner of the screen, beside a dark grey cow. Make sure you go all the way to the left or you probably won't see him.
Return to the Kid's Park and speak to the assembled pack of children. They'll proclaim you the winner - and though you won't earn a tangible award, you'll gain six friend requests: Filmore, Flora, Quaid, Jenny, Billy, and Sally. That's quite a haul, and a fantastic way to power up your characters early in the game with a new Perk.