South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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The recruiter for Restoring the Balance is located in the Elven Kingdom. In order to access the Elven Kingdom you must first complete the quest Alien Abduction, then begin the paired quests Recruit the Goth Kids and Nonconformist. After visiting the Goth Kids by the School you'll be tasked with gathering various gothic acoutrements, one of which is Dark Roast coffee. Upon buying said coffee at Tweek Bros. Coffee, a bunch of elves will whisk you away to the Elven Kingdom. Speak to the dude with the messy brown hair and the mud on his face, off to the left, to trigger the quest.
South Park
To complete this quest you must destroy five human banners that are scattered throughout South Park. (You may want to use this occasion to search places you haven't been before; the details are listed below.) They are found in the following locations:
Kevin Stoley's Neighbourhood
Use the Timmy Fast Travel Flag located on the western side of the neighbourhood. It will drop you down on Kevin Stoley's front lawn - and the banner will be standing on the other side of the lawn. Bash it down.
Mr. Slave's Neighbourhood
Mr. Slave's House is located south of the U-Stor-It Storage Facility. It's on the front lawn of the red house with the semi-Greecian pillars out front.
- Check out Mr. Slave's house while you're here. Speak to Mr. Slave and you'll trigger the Mr. Slave's Package quest. The cabinet in his living room contains a Power Potion; the cabinets in the kitchen have a Cure Potion; his bedroom is home to an Anchor Beard. Each location also hosts an assortment of vendor trash. He also has a garage, but there's nothing of use inside.
- (Mr. Slave's Package is so easy that I'll just toss it in here. Go to the Postal Office, as requested, and check behind the desk. Mr. Slave's Package is... hopping. Take it back to Mr. Slave and he'll friend you, as well as give you a Rawhide Whip. You can use this to summon him.)
- The blue house to the right of Mr. Slave's is not open for perusal, and the easter egg upon opening it... oh my. The garage will only open partway, revealing the hint of something within. (I'll check it out once I can squeeze into such a tight spot.)
The Kids' Park
The Kids' Park is just down the street from Mr. Slave's House, to the west. The banner is between the playground and the baketball court.
- Exploration time! Start with the playground. Climb the mast of the pirate ship to find a hidden bag behind the sail. Inside is Skull Facepaint and The Maxican Staring Frog. Huh.
- Look behind the stairs leading up to Ike, the little Canadian boy with the pirate's hat. There's a green box back here with $.075 and a Water Balloon.
- Talk to the little boy in red beside the eastern basketball net. He'll challenge you to a game of hide 'n' seek, hence the new quest, Hide 'n' Seek.
- You can buy restorative items at the vending machine near the washrooms.
The Church
The banner is on the Church's front lawn. Yeeeep.
Stark's Pond
The banner is by the edge of Stark's Pond, not far from a park bench.
Now that you've got the Alien Probe, you can take advantage of the mechanical alien eye sticking out of the middle of the pond to reach a sunken spaceship. Inside is the Cosmonewt Chinpokomon and a box containing some Space Cash and a Circuit Patch. Sweet.
- Zap back to the Elven Kingdom after locating and destroy the five banners. The kid, Dogpoo, will grant you a friend request. Woo!