South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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This quest will, in essence, unlock itself. All you have to do is complete the quest ManBearPig, as described in this article. Once you do, Al Gore will begin to relentlessly pound your cell with his pointless messages about ManBearPig. Wait for him to post six or seven messages and the quest will sprout up on its own. (But he will not stop with just those messages. Oh no.)
- Return to Al Gore's little hidey hole in Unit 204 of U-Stor-It. Speak to him and he'll reach an infallible conclusion: you are ManBearPig! He has you now!
Al Gore
Is this happened? Yes, it's actually happening. You have to fight Al Gore.
This fight is a lot harder than it looks at first glance. Al Gore himself is not the most imposing opponent... but the Secret Service Agent and Secret Service Specialists he'll call in shortly after the fight begins are quite formidable, especially since they outnumber you two-to-one. All three agents can beat the tar out of you with normal attacks, and the Agent can use a Concussion Grenade to stun both of your characters. If this lands, you're probably dead. You can't survive a full turn of unblocked attacks. Gore doesn't help in this, either - he will lunge at you with his Excelsior attack, which does a ton of hurt and restores a big chunk of his HP. Yikes.
If you want a normal battle, tackle this fight late in the game. Use all-hitting attacks from both of your characters to quickly and effectively wipe out the Secret Service dudes, then focus on Gore. It's tough, but manageable. Go for the Secret Service Agent first, as his Concussion Grenade is easily the most dangerous attack in the game. Knocking down his armour once or twice will make killing him much easier, and the same goes for the rest of the agents. It's important to block both hits on Gore's opening Global Warming attack - you really don't want him putting a character to sleep.
Want a tough battle you can face early on? Try this tactic. Put Jimmy in your party, and stock up on Power Potions. After you get past the first turn and Gore's backup has arrived, have Jimmy use Lullaby on everyone. Assuming you perform the move correctly, this will disable the agents. That done, send in your main character to wallop on Gore, who's immune to sleep. Have Jimmy constantly using Lullabye to induce sleep while your main character attacks, picking off enemies one-by-one. You'll want a move that bypases armour, as they all have really high armour scores. This makes the Thief's Backstab move very, very effective in the fight. It may take a few tries picking out successful moves, but this tactic works beautifully.
- After trouncing Al Gore - bet you never thought you'd say that! - you'll earn Al Gore's Secret Room Key. Check his body for a ManBearPig Ear, then look in the room labelled 'Super Secret' at the rear of the unit. Inside is dark...
- ... and once you turn on the light... well... you'll see. Raid the chest in the rear of the room for a Super Cereal ManBearPig Club, a ManBearPig Hoof$3.30, and a Manly Pigtail Wig. That's it for all this nonsense.
- ... except... raiding the chest will open up a new quest: Defeat ManBearPig. Oh good lord.