South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Magical Songs is not available as a quest until you complete enough storyline to enter the second day in South Park. In other words, you have to complete everything up to Alien Abduction. That done, begin the quests Recruit the Goth Kids and Nonconformist, speak to the Goth Kids behind the School to learn their demands, and head to Tweek Bros. Coffee. Buy some Dark Roast from Mr. Tweek and you'll be shuffled off to the Elven Kingdom for a cut scene. Once that's done you can speak to Jimmy in the Elven Kingdom and begin with the quest.
- Jimmy knows where he can get himself a flute: no less than the Farm on the edge of town. You can reach it by jumping to the U-Stor-It depot in the northeast, walking east a little ways until you reach the end of the street, and following the beaten path to the north.
- Put Jimmy in your party and enter the Farm's yard. A cut scene will ensue, beating a particularly Jimmy joke quite to death. Sigh. Eventually the rancher will give you the Barn Key, as there's something amiss with the cows hiding inside. They appear to have joined a political affiliation that has no place on a Farm, let alone in South Park. (Except perhaps if you're Eric Cartman.)
- Equip yourself with stuff that emphasizes your defenses, then open wide the Barn to set things right.
- ... oh dear.
Nazi Zombie Cow x 4
Huh. Well, this is quite the bizarre fight. You have one turn, one turn, to deal as much damage as humanly possible. The Zombie Cows each carry a stick of dynamite, and they will charge at your character and Jimmy and... blow themselves up. They will do this all in a row, no less, so you'll have no chances to heal. Either have Jimmy buff your party or go full-hog on one of the Cows to kill it in that single turn, thereby reducing the amount of damage you'll take. Block carefully when the Cows do come a-calling - that dynamite attack really smarts. All-hitting attacks, assuming you have one strong one or two decently-strong ones, can wipe out the cows before the run at you. (Skrybylz in the comments recommends Pyre Ball if you're a Mage. Many thanks!) You can also use a summon if you want to reliably wipe the Cows out in a single go, though with some careful blocking it's probably not necessary. (Thanks also to Jonny in the comments for confirming that summons do, indeed, work during this battle.)
Having trouble surviving? Try swapping out Jimmy for someone with more health and better defenses mid-battle. Stan has a bit of an edge in this regard, and he'll do more damage against the Cows if you try and attack anyway.
- After laying waste to the bovine undead, climb the ladder on the other side of the Barn. On the second floor you'll find a dangling lamp near a few bales of hay. Shoot the lamp down, and use a Dragon Shout to set the bales of hay on fire. There's a duffel bag on the other side of the walkway containing the Flute Jimmy wanted, a well as a S'mores Schnapps.
- Destroy bits of wood here to your satisfaction, then run back out to Rancher Bill. Speak to him to earn Jimmy's friend request, as well as to bring this small quest to a close. (No, you don't really get to do anything with the Flute. You'd think Jimmy would receive a special new move with it or something. Ah well.)