South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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The She-Ogre is unlocked by speaking to Stan for the first time. You can only do this after completing the first day's worth of main quest lines, most notably Alien Abduction, and beginning the quests Recruit the Goth Kids and Nonconformist. After you leave the Tweek Bros. Coffee shop you'll be confronted by a bunch of elves, and they'll take you off to the Elven Kingdom. Here you can speak to Stan and activate the quest.
Stan's House
- You'll find Stan's House one short walk west of Kyle's. Check his garage before entering the House; inside is a ladder you can use to reach the attic. Up here you'll find a chest containing Druid Robes.
- Hop inside. There's nothing much to see in the living room besides some destroyable items and vendor trash, so walk right through and into the kitchen.
- Do the usual, checking the drawers and fridge. You'll find a Health Potion (Large), a Pan Flutist, a Speed Potion, and a Health Potion (Small).
- Head upstairs. Stan will warn you of the lethality of the coming fight, and then you're off to a brawl. Before you go knocking on Shelly's door, though, have a look in the hallway for some items. You'll find some vendor trash and loose change in the drawers...
- ... Underpants, $2.00, a Health Potion (Small), Stan's Mudbeard, and a whole lot of useless, sellable stuff in Stan's room... (As well as a weird little notice on the floor that may be of some importance later...)
- ... Underpants, a Health Potion (Small), a Major Mustache, some change, and a bunch of saleable stuff in Stan's parents' room (across the hall from the rest of the rooms)...
- ... and the usual money-related stuff in the bathroom. And, oh, that wonderful minigame. Collect everything, then enter the one room you haven't checked (next to Stan's) to begin the fight.
Whoa! That's a lot of HP! The She-Ogre... okay, we'll just call her Shelly... is monstrous. Her attacks are almost exclusively offensive in nature, capable of dealing lots of powerful hits. Perhaps her most troublesome move is Cherry Bomb, which can gross out one of your characters and does a lot of damage, though The Red Death is also pretty harsh if not properly handled, as it will lower the target's defenses in mid-hit. If you don't block correctly it's not likely you'll make it through this fight.
Shelly is best handled with status ailments and a keen eye towards healing. Have Stan use Marked for Death a few times while attacking, then swap him out for Butters. You'll need his extra healing capabilities to really keep your head above water. Apply bleeding to Shelly as quickly as possible to take advantage of the extra damage, raise your defenses as much as you can manage, and go to town wailing on her. She has a lot of HP, yes, but the fact that she only hits one person per turn can really help keep your team alive - assuming you block at least half of her hits. Fail to do that and this will quickly turn into a rout.
- Beat up Stan's sister and he'll not only regain his iPhone, allowing him to idle just like everyone else in the game, but he'll friend request you. Woo!
- After walloping Shelly, check out her room. She'll friend request you if you talk to her, and you can find a Messy Wig$0.35, and a bunch of piddly junk in her drawers. Pretty sweet. Quest complete!