South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Rats in the Cellar is triggered in Sketter's Bar, found in the northwest of town, by Jimbo's Guns and down the street from the Tower of Peace and City Wok. (You might as well get this quest out of the way while you're visiting Jimbo' Guns to complete the Gate Crasher side quest - there aren't a ton of other reasons to come out this way otherwise, and you'll get some nice firepower for coming challenges.)
Enter the bar and speak to Skeeter, the dude in pink, to trigger the quest. He's clearly taking advantage of your youthful naiveté, but, meh. Whatever. He gives you the Skeeter's Cellar Key; put it to good use.
Skeeter's Bar
- Before descending, have a quick look around the bar. There's a Flowerpotamus Chinpokomon to knock down in the rear of the bar, and you can bash objects 'round here for Crumpled Paper and a Glass Shard. Slim pickings, but, oh well.
- Head through the door and into the cellar. As you may have feared, these things you must kill are are not garden variety rats. They're, ah... crazy lookin'. Yay!
- Approach the first rat to your right. These bigguns are Mutant Rats, and they're accompanied by smaller Rabid Rats. Both rats attack basically the same, though the Mutant Rats hit a lot harder. Their signature attack will also gross out your kids if you fail to block properly, which will prevent you from eating any restorative items. Not a great situation. Make killing them your priority, as the Rabid Rats are pretty lame by comparison and can be wiped up with one hit apiece in the aftermath.
- Take out the first rat, then head all the way to the right wall. There's another Mutant Rat battle waiting beside the pool table. After beating it, snipe the booze bottle on the pool table. You'll receive... nothing. Okay, maybe you don't have to snipe the booze bottle.
- Slip through the kegs to get at the third rat. This battle's a little different, as you'll be facing two Mutant Rats and one Rabid Rat. Still, the process is the same - target the Mutants, leave the Rabid 'til last.
- Head back to the west, past the big pile of stacked alcohol in the middle of the room. You can sharpshoot a bottle on this stack for a Glass Shard. The same goes for the bottle in the foreground in front of this stack.
- Last rat awaits. It's just as difficult as the last, which is to say, not that difficult at all.
- Huzzah! All of the rats are dead! Good job. As a reward for your hard work, approach the underside of the stairs. Bash through the barrels blocking the way and you'll find a chest hidden beneath the stairs. Within it is a Revive Potion, a Speed Potion, a S'mores SchnappsHair Gel, and a Bowling Trophy. Not bad for maybe five minutes of work.
- Wander back upstairs and talk to Skeeter. He'll admit your bravery and give you two friend requests, his and the Bartender's, as well as Bar Darts. Seems like a pretty lame reward, all told, but the Bar Darts are a pretty nice ranged weapon for third level and above characters. (Though I personally prefer the Mongorian Bow you get from beating up the Mongolian Horde in the Tower of Peace. Just sayin'.)