South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Token's home, Dark Meadows, is located in the north of South Park, a short trip from the Bijou Theatre. It's difficult to miss on the map, as it's the only house on its block. Try to speak to the security guard to trigger the quest.
Dark Meadows
- Gotta find a way into this place, but the guard isn't about to help you. Cartman will message you after-the-fact; his reply to your spraying is... not... sympathetic. Fortunately, someone else has what you need.
- Head for Jimbo's Guns, located far to the west. There's stuff to see along the way, so, what the heck. Let's peruse the sights.
- First up is the Mall. It's currently closed. As you can guess, you may wind up here in the future.
- Next is City Sushi. It's seen better days. Bash the box and meters out front for change. Little to be done here.
- The Tower of Peace is next on the block. You can't enter it juuuust yet, but you can activate the Fast Travel Flag next to it. Keep on goin', bashing for change as you go.
- City Wok is beside the Tower of Peace. Enter it and speak to the proprietor, Mr. Lu Kim, to spark a cut scene - and another side quest. After he's done speaking ill of Mongolians, you can purchase restorative items from him. He'll give you the Tower of Peace Key once you're done shopping. The details of this side quest can be found in this article.
- Be careful leaving City Wok. There are sometimes elves out here, and they'll rush you. Not much time to react.
- Next screen? Jimbo's Guns! Keep bashing parking meters for change, and check the junk in the alley for a Bottle Cap, before wandering in.
- Quaint shop, this. Bust up the piece of wood to the right for a Broken Sword Hilt, then talk to Jimbo. He'll recommend you buy a copy of the Hunter's Guide to South Park Wildlife, a mere $3.00, in order to up your hunting cred 'round town. Good deal. Buying it will trigger the Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo side quest. You're here for the Gas Mask, don't forget, so hopefully you have $5.00 to buy the thing.
- Back to Token's house - but before you go, check out Skeeter's Bar, right next door. It leads to a side quest, detailed here. Yay!
- Head back out. Check for Mr. McCormick on the left side of the bar to get his friend request, then make your way back east to Dark Meadows.
- Strap on your Gas Mask and approach the security guard. He'll try to pepper spray you again - to no effect! The fight is on!
Gate Security Guard
This guy looks like he should be tough - kids versus an adult, oh noes! - but he's not that bad. The Gate Security Guard likes his physical attacks, and he can hit multiple times for some serious damage. This is especially trying if he manages to taze and stun one of your characters, rendering them helpless when it comes to blocking. Nevertheless, his rather woeful lack of HP is his downfall. Hit him with status-inflicting attacks - bleeding is always a favourite of mine - and quickly wipe him out. You should have plenty of PP to take him down without having to resort to normal attacks, though even then his defenses are pretty paltry.
- Beating the Gate Security Guard will earn you the Billy Club of Smiting, a handy weapon for any melee fighter. Step past his battered body and into Dark Meadows - and don't neglect the bag sitting beside the gate! It has a Revive Potion!
- The quest is technically over at this point, but we might a well explore Token's House. Check the garage to find a ball to break for Shredded Plastic, and acsend the ladder in here to discover a chest containing a Friar Cap, $0.75, Water Balloon, a Token Wig, a Barry Bonds Bat, an Okama Gamesphere, a Bass Guitar, and a Lion King DVD.
- Approach the front door. Shoot the Velocirapstar out of the upstairs window to snag it from the snow, then walk up to the door. Token will anwer. You'll gain his friend request, and you'll officially be done here. (Nope, can't go in the house. Ever. Sadly.)