South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Detention Sentence is activated by completing three other quests - Vulcan Around, Hot Coffee, Gate Crasher - and reporting back to Kupa Keep. Once that's done, head to the southwest corner of town (a straight walk from Cartman's House, really) to reach the School. The mission begins!
- First thing's first: activate the Sir Timmy Fast Travel flag. Easy transit made easier.
- Approach the window. You'll see the evil Mr. Mackey lording over detention and repressing poor Craig. Vengeance!
- Check the rear of the School before going through the front door. There are a bunch of goth kids back here, but they're unwilling to communicate cordially unless you dress like they do. Buy the Black Eyeliner and the Emo Wig from the Street Merchant outside the U-Stor-It across town and equip 'em both. (There's more to this that I haven't puzzled out yet; once I do I'll edit the instructions in.)
- You can't get in back here, so you'll have to charge through the front door. Geronimo!
- A Hall Monitor will greet you upon entry. Beat him up (he's nice and weak) and he'll alert the rest of the school to your intrusion. Brawl time!
- Check around the entrance. The garbage can has a Bottle Cap; the mop a Broken Sword Hilt; and the bag in the top-right corner a Health Potion (Small), Cure Potion, a Mana Potion (Small), an Empty Glue Bottle, and a Marker. There are also some awards murals to peruse.
- Go through the doors to your right. Check the trash can in the next hall for Shredded Plastic.
- Battle time. Two Hall Monitors are holding a barricade against you. Check the locker next to the barricade for a Power Potion$0.25, a Toy Car, a Toy Truck and a Health Potion (Small), then use the Dragonshout on the fire to blow the barricade away. There's another locker just past the barricade containing a Mana Potion (Small)"What Happened To My School?", a Highlighter, and a Glee Wig; a third locker is here, too, but it requires a key.
- The Cafeteria is here, but it's locked. Rats. Bash the trash can beside it to find Shredded Plastic and continue north up the hall.
- There's another Hall Monitor here, and he'll chase you if you get too close. Shoot the phone to attract his attention, thenknock the chairs over on him, avoiding a fight altogether. (Or you can fight. S'all good.)
- Rush to the left end of the hall. You'll hear a commotion from a nearby room. Check the locker here for $0.25, a Bottle of SunscreenSafety Scissors, a Power Potion, and a Ginger Fro.
- Head south. There's a gate barring your way. Bring out Kenny and use his Buddy Command to, er, 'seduce' the guard past the gate. Click on him as you would any other obstacle after choosing Buddy Command.
- Before proceeding east to the next Hall Monitor, check the janitor's closet to your left. Inside you'll find $0.25, a Healer's Patch, a Bottle of Sunscreen, a GSM Button, and a Ginger Bowltop in a desk drawer.
- Back to the hallway. There are three Hall Monitors ahead. If you want an easier fight, wait for the two in front to both be under the cow sign, then shoot it down with your bow to knock 'em out. Engage the last one in combat. You'll gain a Brass Key regardless.
- Check the bag near the fallen Monitors for $0.15, a Revive Potion, a Speed Potion, a Cure Potion, and Ike's Love Drawing. Continue down the hall a short ways to check a locker, inside is $0.35, an Action Figure"What Happened To My School?", and a Sandwich Ballot.
- Backtrack to the Computer Lab. Enter the 'Faculty Only' room with the Brass Key. There are several defenders inside. Check the trash for a Cardboard Roll, then shoot the cigarette on the table to wipe out one of the Hall Monitors. Shoot the leaning pile of books to take out another one after he moves. Wipe out the last two with a Dragonshout to the fire you just lit.
- Bash your way around the room, collecting a Cloth Fragment and a Ceramic Fragment. Also check the filing cabinet at the back for $0.20 and a bunch of 'office equipment'. Then check the cabinet on the left side of the room for a Francis Wig$0.20, aaaaand some more strange objects.
- Have Butters use his Buddy Command on the kid in the corner. He'll give you the Silver Key in exchange for healing his wounds.
- Back to the hallway. Head to Mr. Mackey's office back east. Check his four drawers (including behind his desk) for a Health Potion (Small), a Power Potion$0.15, Charms Facepaint, a Strength Potion, a Cheerleader's Patch and assorted vendor trash.
- The Gold Key is on a shelf above Mackey's desk. Shoot it down!
- Gold Key collected. Head for the Cafeteria and pop that sucker open. Cut scene!
Hallway Monitor Boss
Accompanied by two minion Hall Monitors, the Hallway Monitor Boss is tough - but not as tough as a normal boss. Wipe out his minions first, moving from the ranged dude in the back to the melee guy in the front to the Monitor Boss himself. Conserve your Mana, as the Hallway Monitor Boss has an all-hitting attack which can be defused with Dragon Shout - and no other way. If it goes off, well, hopefully you have over 80 HP on at least one character. That aside, this is a pretty straightforward fight.
- Before entering the Cafeteria, check the Hall Monitor Boss for the Hall Monitor Locker Key. It's just a short jaunt down the hall to your left, and contains $0.60, a Mace of RestorationSafety Scissors, and a Black Eye.
- Run into the Cafeteria. Complete! Take that, Mackey!
- Quest complete. You'll earn Craig's friend request, and you'll be on a straight road back to Cartman's House. What ho! Onward!