South Park - The Stick of Truth created by Ubisoft.
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Main Walkthrough

The quest Defeat ManBearPig is part of a lengthy quest line that can stretch throughout the entire game, if you so wish. You must do the following to unlock it:
- Meet Al Gore by the Bijou Theatre - he's hiding behind a tree on the right side of the Theatre
- Set up his ManBearPig Sensors - they must be placed at the Farm, atop the Barn, at Kenny's House, on the transformer behind the House, and on a sign at Stark's Pond
- Set up a Defibilator in the sewers of South Park - you can access them via a manhole in Downtown - West, though you must have the Alien Probe before you can reach the machine where it's installed
- Endure an endless number of Al Gore's texts - shouldn't take more than five or six messages
- Confront Al Gore at the U-Stor-It and beat him up - much easier said than done, though it can be accomplished with Jimmy's help
- Check the back room and collect the items in the chest you find - this will trigger the quest
You can find more details on these quests in this article, ManBearPig, and in this article, Unfriend Al Gore. Once that's done... all you have to do is fight it.
You'll find ManBearPig near the Church, in northwest South Park. It's, ah, hard to... hard to miss. Let's end this!
ManBearPig is not nearly as difficult to defeat as its nemesis, Al Gore, but it's still a fairly tough boss. ManBearPig relies almost exclusively on physical strikes, and can do some fairly significant amounts of damage even if you manage to block properly. It can also buff itself with rejuvenation during one of its attacks, a very irritating status which will bother you to no end unless you cancel the buff immediately.
Tough, yes. But you can handle it if you beat the previous fight. There are three ways to handle the battle:
- Pile bleeding effects on ManBearPig. It doesn't have a ton of HP for a boss, and repeated applications of bleeding will wear its HP down surprisingly quick. You really have to get rid of its regeneration effect for this to be effective.
- Whittle down its armour. ManBearPig will take amazingly little damage thanks to an enormous armour score. You need to get rid of that. Any move which beats down on armour, right from the get-go, will allow you to deliver more normal amounts of damage after a few rounds.
- Use a combination of the two. This depends largely on whom you include in your party. I found Kenny rather helpful here - his Charm ability will greatly deaden ManBearPig's repeated strikes.
Overall, not a difficult fight. One suggestion either way: equip the Super Cereal ManBearPig Club you found in the previous quest. It won't do much more damage than anything else, but the Club is capable of slowing ManBearPig for a few rounds. Very useful.
- After trouncing the majestic beast, check its body for some worthy loot - such as the ManBearPig Claw and the Purple Heart Badge. Even if you don't use the Claw, it's worth $40! Whoa!

Main Walkthrough